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c programming Input and Output Formatting strings

The main input routine in C programs is scanf and the main output routine is printf, both of which use a format string to control their behavior.
The following program listing shows some common uses:

 #include int main() { 
int n;  
float f; 
double d; 
char s[100]; 

/* input an integer */ 

 scanf("%d", &n); 
 /* print an integer, no formatting */ 

 printf("%d\n", n); 
 /* print an integer, padded on left with spaces to total 6 chars */ 

 printf("%6d\n", n);

 /* print an integer, padded on right with spaces to total 6 chars */

 printf("%-6d\n", n); 

 /* print an integer, padded on left with zeroes to total 6 chars */

 printf("%.6d\n", n); 

/* input a string (whitespace delineated) */

 scanf("%s", s); 

  /* print a string, no formatting */

 printf("%s\n", s); 

 /* print a string, padded with spaces on left to 20 chars */

 printf("%20s\n", s);

 /* print a string, padded with spaces on right to 20 chars */

 printf("%-20s\n", s);

 /* print a string, truncated after 3 chars */

 printf("%.3s\n", s); 

  /* input a single precision floating point number */

 scanf("%f", &f); 

 /* print a float, default precision is 6 places */

 printf("%f\n", f);

  /* input a double precision floating point number */

 scanf("%lf", &d);

 /* print a double, default precision is 6 places */

 printf("%f\n", d); 

 /* print a double, 2 places of precision */

 printf("%.2f\n", d);

/* print a double, 2 places of precision, padded with space to 10 */

 printf("%10.2f\n", d);

 /* print a double, use exponential notation if more than 3 digits */

 printf("%.3g\n", d); 


Friday, 6 February 2015

Dbanj is not broke; 10 Difference between Dbanj and DonJazzy

My 10 differences between Dbanj and DonJazzy
1. Family Background
2. Mohits Records
3. Generousity
4. Business sense
5. Endorsements
6. Foundation
7. Influence
8. Diversification
9. Music Concerts
10. Age & Humility

Donjazzy has always hidden details about his family background obviously
based on the fact that its nothing to be proud of. As you all know, his brother
Dprince is from same mother but different fathers. However dbanj has a solid
close knit family with kids brought up with christian values. No wonder we hear
such inspiring lyrics from some of his songs like mobolowowon, olorunmaje, mr
endowed(remix) and the recent collabo with oritsefemi(double wahala remix).
Mohits first crib was given to them by dbanj's mum(a bungalow at michael
otedola estate) and their first official car too. dbanj is from a good and
admirable family with successful siblings and responsible parents.


Despite the misinterpretation in the media that donJazzy owned mohits, it
became clear to all(after the break up) that its was a partnership between the
two friends. They both owned the record label 50-50 and dbanj had more
controlling power(that's why he could sign artistes at will). Donjazzy never
owned mo-hits records, it was a partnership between both of them(that was
why donjazzy had to drop the name when they broke up). When 2face left
kennis music or when wizkid left EME, tell me did baba keke and banky W
change their business names. Dbanj even had more shares in mo-hits. He was
everything and controlled the label. That was why all concerts they performed
back then, you will always see "Dbanj & Mo-hit all stars" on handbills or bill
boards. The whole group leveraged on his brand name.
Donjazzy is a stingy and greedy guy that was why wande coal left when he felt
cheated. He was just wasting the boy's life away performing at shows but no
album to show for it. Wande left and immediately was endorsed by telecoms
giant globacom; and released his own songs under his black diamond. If you
doubt me search it on google on "why wande coal left mo-hits.
I pity those three new recruits(Reekado banks, Di'ja and Korede bello), donjazzy
will just keep using them and hiding under the disguise of "mavin all stars" but
they won't av any album to their name except they wise up like tiwa savage who
spends her own money to make videos(backed by support of her manager/
Dbanj is arguably the most generous artiste in africa. He once said when asked
how rich he was in an interview. I quote "money is just a material thing and
vanity upon vanity, all is vanity". He gave wande coal a brand new Prado after
he crashed the car he won from Hiphop World awards(now the headies). He
bought six range Rovers few years. gave D’Prince an LR 3, after he crashed it,
he bought him a Range, and it’s no news that he bought two Bentleys; one for
himself and one for Don Jazzy.
DonJazzy has never even bought a car for his brother Dprince so how can he
buy for others in Mohits. And after the MoHits break up with Jazzy, Dbanj
bought a Benz C-class worth over N9million for Kswitch and a luxury automobile
for himself - the Aston Martin Vantage V8. He also got a 2014 Honda CRV jeep
for his sister as a wedding gift. What a generous man.


At Mohits, Donjazzy was in charge of music production while dbanj ran the
business aspect. There are many music producers eg lengudury, idcabbasa,
Jmartins, Dr frabz, J-soul, Spellz, Sosick, Sarz, TY-mix, Cobhams etc to mention
a few. So dbanj doesn't need jazzy to make good music(as he can simply
employ the services of any good producer) but jazzy needs dbanj to be
business oriented. No wonder dbanj has achieved much more business wise
after the Mohits break up. But all jazzy has been doing is just making music(that
majority of the income goes to marketers like obaino music, Tjoe records and
Ahbu ventures) the three kings that run alaba international.
In 2013, D’banj received an invitation from Hennessy to visit France and was the
headlining act for the 2013 edition of Hennessy Artistry. In 2014, Dbanj's song
"Bother You” was the official soundtrack for the highly acclaimed and world
renowned “Half of a Yellow Sun“ movie adapted from Chimamanda Ngozi
Adichie's best selling novel.
Don jazzy has very lucrative endorsement deals including one with Loya Milk
worth about N50m. MTN is worth N25m, and his endorsement with Samsung
Africa also made some millions.
In 2013, D'banj was named the Bank of Industry (BOI) ambassador worth multi
millions. In Nov 2013, D'banj re-signed a multi-million Naira deal with Globacom,
the company he parted ways with in 2010 where he cashed in over $500,000. In
October 2014, D'banj was named the official African ambassador for Beats by
Dre(a company owned by Apple). The biggest ever endorsement deal by any
african musician.
For a software giant like apple and perhaps the most innovative infotech
company in the world notable for unique products like ipods, ipads, macintosh
OS, apple MAC laptops, iphones, apple watch etc to chose dbanj out of the
multiple artistes making hits in africa is quite awesome. Indeed this man is
highly favoured.


Donjazzy from our records has no operational foundation. D'banj is the founder
of Koko Foundation for Youth and Peace Development and has been involved in
many humanitarian and charitable programs both locally and abroad. This act
has opened doors for him globally and with his great sense of humour he keeps
endearing himself to top executives locally and on the african continent.


Dbanj is far more influential that Jazzy and has become a global brand. Dbanj
has met with the who is who in the world through the ONE campaign and other
platforms. Bill gates, Mo Ibrahim, Aliko dangote, mike adenuga, femi otedola,
goodluck jonathan, issa hayatou, sepp blatter etc. Dbanj performed at the CAF
nations cup in 2014 a deal worth over $200,000. He also has relationships with
top american artistes like kanye west, Jay Z, beyonce, Snoop, 2chains, Big sean
to mention a few.
He is also Nigeria's first United Nations Youth Ambassador for Peace. Dbanj is
the ONE campaign ambassador in support of agriculture investments. He was
among the few stars invited to the prestigious white house to raise awareness
on agriculture in Nigeria as part of the Bono’s global humanitarian group. He
also led 18 other African artists on the song "cocoa na chocolate" and won Best
African Collaboration at the All Africa Music Awards in 2014.


Don jazzy is only known for music and his nite club but dbanj has succeeded as
a musician, entertainer, ambassador and now diversified into various forms of
business especially agriculture(cocoa farming to be precise and his koko garri
that has been endorsed by the richest nigerians). Following the foot steps of
foreign artistes before him that have diversified into other profitable ventures;
knowing fully well that you cant keep churning out hit songs for life.
After the break up of mohits, dbanj's DB records av staged two high profile
concerts that was sold out. Koko concert and D'kings men concert. This two
events enjoyed massive sponsorship from multinationals, banks and top
nigerian companies. The two concerts game him a combined income of over
N250million from ticket sales alone and others from sponsorships. Mavin
records till date is yet to organise any notable music concert.
Dbanj also has over 35 awards to his name which includes: BET Awards,
Channel O Music Video Awards, Fizz Awards, Ghana Music Awards, The
Headies, Kora Awards, MOBO Awards, MTV Africa Music Awards, MTV Europe
Music Awards, Nigeria Entertainment Awards, Nigeria Music Video Awards,
Sound City Music Video Awards, World Music Awards, 4Syte TV Music Video
Awards and the recent All Africa Music Awards in 2014.


Despite being older than DonJazzy, dbanj still respects him and created a high
profile for him which made people to adore jazzy. The words "its don jazzy
again" became a popular slogan during the Mohits era. It was all his idea to
make Jazzy look like the Don.
Jazzy on the other hand isn't humble but very arrogant. He once ordered his
body guards to beat up a guy in a nite club. He once had a grudge with
ikechukwu which made them to part ways. Dbanj also had issues with
ikechukwu but later settled it and accepted him back to his crew at DB records.
DonJazzy disliked Dr Frabz out of envy just because frabz created the beat for
the highly successful "WHY ME" that shot them to prominence. Jazzy never
acknowledge publicly that it was Frabz beats. Due to this Dr Frabz left mohits
too on a bad note. (Frabz, kswitch and myself attended the same university in
Nigeria so these are confirmed facts).
Dbanj and Tuface are the most humble nigerian artistes you can ever meet. If
you've been shunned by other artistes in public you will understand what I
mean. Dbanj response to his fans is very impressive despite his A-list celebrity


Dbanj has a great sense of humour which makes him very likeable. He thinks
globally but jazzy prefers to be a local champion. This was the reason for the
problems of Mohits. Dbanj was thinking ahead and planning to expand the
Mohits brand when they met Kanye west in the US but DonJazzy couldn't
humble himself because kanye was also a producer and he knew he may be
relegated to the background. No matter what our entertainment industry
(whether music or movies) is doing today, its was all adopted from the west.
Even the gadgets and equipments we use to produce music was manufactured
by europeans and americans. So please tell me is there a crime that Dbanj was
thinking big.
The latest tape released on "THE TRUTH" also exposed the envy that existed in
Mohits from the outburst of Dr Sid stating that "his brand and star is too big, its
overshadowing...". What a wicked world that the same people you call family
can gang up against you just because of your success. Imagine if a kelly
rowland envied beyonce, will their relationship still be intact today.
The truth is no one can be trusted except God. In conclusion, my advice to
Dbanj is to "forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness but because
you deserve peace".

Friday, 12 September 2014


Do not let others steer your life into negative thinking. Past already happened, future is unsure, so focus on here and now. Don’t let the past define your future.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Jonathan creates new army division, sends 8,000 troops after Boko Haram

President Goodluck Jonathan appears set to
boost the strength of the military in the
insurgency infested North-east after indications
emerged that about 8,000 troops are being sent
The troops, according to security sources, will
form the nucleus of an army division to be
established in Maiduguri, Borno State capital.

Sunday Vanguard was made to understand at
the weekend that the need to establish the new
army division in the stronghold of the Boko
Haram Islamist group is to firm up the successes
recorded by special forces of the Joint Task Force
(JTF) which have reportedly dislodged the
insurgents from the forests and mountains of the

The move came to light barely 48 hours after the
United States (US) said security efforts were
necessary to protect innocent Nigerians, prevent
Boko Haram’s acts of violence, capture and
prosecute its leaders.

The US Under Secretary of State, Wendy
Sherman, who gave the recipe to ending the
insurgency challenge in Nigeria on behalf of her
home government, spoke in Abuja at the
opening session of the US-Nigeria Bi-national
Commission’s Regional Security Cooperation
Working Group on Thursday.

Also yesterday, the Chairman of Police Service
Commission (PSC), Mr Mike Okiro, advocated the
establishment of a civil force to complement the
efforts of security agencies at the grassroots to
curb terrorism and other crimes.
Sunday Vanguard learnt that the new army
division to be domiciled in Maiduguri is tagged
7th Infantry Division and may have one General
Etnan as the General Officer Commanding (GOC).

The 8,000 troops to be deployed there, according
to sources, are made up of 7,000 troops from
army headquarters brigade in Yola, Adamawa
State, the army headquarters brigade (Mongonu)
in Maiduguri, the battalion in Yobe and the army
headquarters brigade in Sokoto as well as the
about 1,000 troops recalled from operations in

Sunday Vanguard was told that the new army
division will take over operations of securing the
entire North-east and seal off the border axis
between Nigeria and Niger, Chad and Cameroon
where intelligence has shown that terrorists get
their training and launch bombing attacks on

Before the establishment of the division which
Sunday Vanguard gathered was on the
recommendation of the Chief of the Army Staff,
Lt. General Oyeabor Azubuike Ihejirika, parts of
the Area of Responsibility (AOR) were under the
1st Infantry Division of the army in Kaduna,
which has Major General Garba Wahab as GOC
and 3rd Armoured Division in Jos which has
Major General Awala as GOC.
Asked about the fate of the Major General
Ewansiha led JTF in Maiduguri, with the
establishment of the new division, a source said
the JTF will work hand in hand with the new
division, adding, however, that it (JTF) is an
interim force which most likely will be scaled
down after the first phase (6 months) of the
state of emergency had achieved its objectives.
Meanwhile, Sunday Vanguard gathered, also at
the weekend, that the Nigerian Airforce Strike
Group with headquarters in Yola, Adamawa
State, where some attack aircraft of the Tactical
Air Command are stationed, is to be upgraded
with the injection of more fighter and patrol
aircraft as well as helicopter gunships.

The upgrade became necessary, according to
sources, to provide air cover and patrols over the
vast and dense forests of the North-east where
Boko Haram insurgents held sway for months,
hoisting their flags, claiming territories and
collecting taxes from Nigerians.
Towards this end, it was gathered that the Chief
of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Alex Sabundu
Badeh, has directed the relocation of some
patrol and surveillance aircraft from the 81 Air
Maritime Command in Benin, and the Special
Operations Group in Port Harcourt to Yola.

Alpha jets will also leave Kainji for Yola.
The PSC Chairman, Okiro, advocating the
establishment of a civil force to complement the
operations of security agencies, yesterday,
believes the force, under the supervision of the
police, will curtail terrorism and other criminal
activities at the grassroots.
The former Inspector General of Police (IGP)
spoke at the Corporate Council on Africa in
Washington, US. The Corporate Council, which
has on its membership Nigerians in diaspora,
had invited him to deliver a lecture during a
round table discussion on civil security in Nigeria.
Citing the civilian JTF in Borno State, he noted
that “the positive impact of the youth civilian
volunteer group in Borno State justifies such

Okiro based his belief on the principle of the
American Homeland Security, stressing that the
operation of the civil security force should be in
line with Bahama and Sri-Lanka models, which
are under the command of the police.

Nigerian state (ogun) plans Africa’s tallest building

The Ogun State Government, western Nigeria, on Friday demolished its old
Secretariat at Oke-Ilewo in Abeokuta, the capital.
Mr Mohammed Affez, Lead Urban Designer and Project Director of Abeokuta City
Centre told newsmen in Abeokuta that it was demolished to give way for new
Abeokuta City Centre project.
Affez said the master plan of the project was being finalised and would include 60-
storey skyscraper hoped to be the tallest in Africa.
He said the project would be handled and financed by Urbanisima Ltd., a Malaysian
“There would be adjoining structures which would redefine the landscape of the
capital city.
“Others are shopping mall, recreation centre, signature tower, office complex, hotels
and world class convention centre.”
The demolition is being carried out by China Civil Engineering Construction
Corporation (CCEC).
Recently,members of the state’s Technical Committee on the project visited Malaysia
for a week-long training on the design of its master plan.