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Eight Ways To Prepare For A Job Search In The New Year.

1, Create a vision.
What are you looking for in a job? Take some time to do what I call yourInner Job Search , until you have a vision of what you want in your next job. You can make lists, draw picturesor cut photos from magazines, but think big and make it feel as real as you can.

2, Make a plan.
The best job searches are systematic and focused. Create a plan for yourself. How much time will you spend on your job search? What websites will you use? Set some targets and goals for activities and make lists of people youwant to network with and companies you wantto talk to. Writing it down will make you feel more control.

3. Update your resume.
Notice this isn't the first thing to do? That's because you need to know what you want and have a plan before you can create a resume that opens the doors you want. If you're inthebusiness world, it's probably worthlooking intogetting some professional help, too, which will save you time and get you a better job faster in the long run.

4. Create a Yolpe profile.
Yolpe is a critical place for you to have a strong presence. imagine being a job seeker and being lazy about your job search.thats what this new site Yolpe wants you to do-be simply completing a cv profile page you let recruiters and employersfind you with just a click of their mouse.Set to launch in 2013, i wld recommend you be among the first there are recruiters are going to be flocking.

5. Set up a filing system.
You'll need a central place to manage a job search, and some kind of system for saving and filing job postings, and for tracking your applications. It doesn't matter if it's paper and manila folders or all on your iPhone, as long asit's easy for you to manage.
6. Do some casual job window shopping.
Give yourself a couple of weeks to just look at all kinds of job listings on job sites and company sites. Start a file of bookmarks of jobsthat sound kind of interesting, but don't do anything more than that. You're just warming up first.

7. Make a resume business card.
A personal card that includes some brief highlights of what you do or what you're looking for, with your contact information and your photo, is a great way to cement who you areand what you do in the minds of people you meet.

8. Reconnect with your references.
People give better references when they're prepared for the call, and they'll feel better about vouching for you if you reach out to them before you need them. Now's a great time tosend a message on Facebook or send a holiday card to the people you'll useas references to touch base and let them know your new year may bring a new job search, too.
There's a lot more to prepare for a job search, but these are easy things that you can take care of during the down time of the holidays, so you're primed and ready to find a job fast when you hit the ground running come January.

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Odemwingie’s outburst unprofessional – Iroha

Former Super Eagles’ defender, Benedict Iroha has joined the train of former players who have backed the decision of the senior national team coach, Stephen Keshi to omit Peter Odemwingie, Obafemi Martins and Taye Taiwo from the preliminary squad of the team to the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.
Iroha was one of the heroes of the 1994 Afcon tournament in Tunisia, where the Eagles came out tops and incidentally that wasthe last time Nigeria has won the competition.
Iroha told Goal.comthat since Keshi calls the shots, he has the right to select players that he felt would figure in his programme knowing fully well he would be judged by the results garnered in South Africa in January.
He expressed dismay at the Twitter outburst of Odemwingie whom he reckoned threw caution to the wind as he failed to come to terms with his omission from the 2013 Afcon party.
“Keshi is the boss and he calls theshots,” Iroha told
“It doesn’t make much sense criticising the team list endorsed by him. He knows the importanceof going to the Africa Cup of Nations with established players and for him to have dropped Odemwingie and the like shows he means business.
“The outburst of Odemwingie on the heels of his omission from theteam list showed his level of maturity and the impact he wouldhave had on the dressing room if he had made the squad.
“He didn’t exhibit the quality of a professional. He showed a bad example to upcoming footb-allers,” Iroha added.
The Imo born former Eagles’ Assistant Coach got a crucial goal in the semi-final of Tunisia 1994 Afcon against Cote d’Ivoire en-route to Nigeria’s second triumph in Africa’s biggest soccer fiesta.

I was crushed after I lost MTN Project fame 3– Tolulope Adesina

Tolulope Abraham Adesina is a singer, producer, songwriter and lover of the arts who originates from Ogbomosho in Oyo state. He grew up and lived in Kaduna but is presently based in Lagos . In this chat with IYABO AINA, Tolu speaks about his music and his plans.
My names are Tolulope Abraham Adesina and I was MTN Project Fame ex-contestant in 2010 . I was on the same set with Chidinma .I was born and raised in Kaduna until 2010 when I came to Lagos for the MTN Project Fame. I’ve been singing since I was 11 and my first background in music was in Baptist Church children ‘s choir where I was taught how to sing and perform and by the time I was 16years, I had my first majorperformance at a grand opening at House on the Rock Jam Mega Festival in Abuja . That is at the stadium where I sang the nationalanthem and everybody was like blown away because of my girlishvoice and since then, it’s been a wonderful journey .
Also I’d been to about seven other competitions before MTN Project Fame. I was at Nokia First Chance; West African Idol and so many of them and singing to veterans like Donnie Mclurkin, Kim Burrel at B.E.T auditions” butfinally, Project Fame saw talent in me and I went as far as I did .
Growing up
Well, growing up in Kaduna was really nice for me because Kaduna then used to be a very peaceful and loving society. There were no religious crises and for me , it was a wonderful experience because I had loving parents who supported me when they recognized the talent in me. Also, I grew up among five siblings . I was the first and therewas only one girl amongst us .Soit was fun growing up .
My starting point
Well it started with love and passion for music . I grew up loving and falling in love with music because as a young boy, there was nowhere I heard music that it wouldn’t catch my attention and my Dad had a very huge music library. It was as big as a record store. He always played music and sometimes when I closed from school, I’d gothere to listen to music after my assignment, to an extent that I’d even forget to remove my uniform(laugh).
So I always played music from the time I returned from school till when was set to do my assignment. So for me , music started way back before anybody knew me. And then in 2010, people got to feel who Tolu is , they got to know who Tolu is andso far its been a wonderful journey .
Life after MTN Project Fame
Yes , I released a song after Project Fame called “Arewa’’ and it’s a beautiful song , a song about Nigeria’s beauty. Arewa in English means beautiful woman .When I dropped the song, people loved it because of the sincerity in the word and the technicality of the music .
It was RnB and then, there was a lot of Yoruba in it. People loved it because it was indigenous and international. Later, I dropped a video for it and it was played in couples of stations like Soundcity, On TV, AIT, to mention a few . I’ve also dropped lots of single like ‘’Wine it ‘’ and presently, I’m doing a new song which are three singles in one
My kind of Music
I will say Tolu’s strength in music is RnB and soul .But Tolu has grown since 2010 and I’m doing alot of music like Afro pop , Pop and RnB . So, I do all kinds of things that appeal to different kinds of people and this makes me to be three in one .So generally. I do three different songs that go three different directions .
Experience from MTN Project Fame
It was a lucrative experience . I learnt a lot of things about music. I learnt that to go beyond your talent, you need to have a stage act , manage your stage well and appeal to people when you are singing so they can feel your music other than just listening to your voice . Also, we had vocal training on how to improve in our vocal strength and even all of those trainings are helping me because even now, I have a vocalstudio myself and I’ve learnt how to manipulate and use my voice for the best .
Not winning the contest
I was crushed (laugh). I was verybitter about it and it took me a while to recover from it because Ispent three months in that house and everybody knew I was that good .A lot of people have different theory about what happened to me . Some people said I lost my passion but I gave my best show and I tried to be the best I could be at every given point in time . I could remember that there was a week in the house that I lost my voice and myperformance during that week wasn’t good and when I recovered from it, I gave my best. All the same, I’m happy for the winner because she ‘s doing so well . Chidinma is doing well and I’m proud of her because she’s growing and changing .But I’m also doing my own thing in my own corner (laugh ).
Compensation as one of the finalists
Yes , we were given some thank you packages and a little cash to say keep on coming .
Present occupation
Tolu is three things presently: I’m a producer, song writer and performer ;so these three things are what I find pleasure in .I produce artists to help them actualize their dreams and recently, I did something for Scales which is coming out in his new album ‘’Adaba’’. So, producing is a kind of introducing the other side of Tolu to the world .
My three works
Why it’s easy is because they are right under the same umbrella , they are all around music . All of them complement each other .So,sometimes people come to me and say I like your song ,who produced it and I’d say I did and they will want me to produce for them. Some would say, I like yourvoice, I want to sing like you and I trained their vocal cords .
My hero in the industry
In Nigeria I look up to two people;Asa and 2Face. I believe in theirstyle of music. They have a message because each time I listen to 2Face, no matter what he’s singing about, there’s always something to learn from it. His music is poetic .And Asa is also soulful , lyrical and she was the first female artiste to make us proud in the music industry .
Internationally ,my biggest mentor is Brandy and if you listento my song, there’s a lot of Brandy’s influence in it .
My future in the industry
I wish to be a name that when you said Tolu internationally and nationally, people will know who you are talking about.
Challenges as an up coming act
There are musical challenges for anyone because it goes beyond the talent which is to promote your songs, get it out there and people have to hear it and all that cost money .
So as an up coming act, it can bea little frustrating to get your good work out to the public for people to hear .But I thank God for my management Vintage Record and also my manager Rukky for their support
Advice for upcoming acts
Believe in yourself ,you cannot give up on yourself .And the last person to give up on you is you .
Even if everybody thought you can’t do it keep doing it and one day people will hear you.

Covenant University expels 200 students for not attending Church service

About 200 students may have been expelled by the authorities of Covenant University, Cannanland, Ota, Ogun State, recently for what was described as “disregard of paramount core values.”
Frustrated and angered by the development, some of the affected students who gave account of what happened battledemotions while narrating their situations to Saturday Vanguard recently. They however pleaded with the school authorities to tamper justice with mercy in order to save their future.
Saturday Vanguard investigation revealed that out of the figure, about 126 were expelled for not attending the ‘departure service’, meant to sign off from the school after the end of the Semester andMatriculation of students on November 30. Five other students were thrown out for smoking while unconfirmed source said additional 60 got the same fate for violating other rulesbordering on the University’s core values. A few others were given four weeks suspension for failure to sign the head count that was conducted a couple of weeks earlier.
A letter of expulsion signed by theRegistrar, Ntia Ubong, a copy which was made available to Saturday Vanguard stated that theaffected students contravened Chapter 1, section 30, page 40 ofthe 2010-2014 Student Handbook.
We gathered that the massive expulsion was predicated on the anger of the Chancellor, Bishop David Oyedepo who was said to have been infuriated after seeing students loitering around when they were supposed to be at the Chapel for the Departure Service.
He was said to have personally chased students to the Chapel and ordered for a search into all the halls and colleges to fish out those who did not attend the service.
Several attempts to get the schoolauthorities comment on the issue proved abortive. The Instituion’s Corporate Affairs Head, Mr Igban Emmaunel also refused to comment as calls pulled through to him were unanswered and text messages not replied.
How it happened
A few of the affected students gave account of what happened to Saturday Vanguard at different points. The similar accounts go thus: “On November 30, the last day of the semester, preceding our December break, there was also a Matriculation for the 100 level students; in fact some students had their last semester exams on that day, some of them finished around 3:00pm while thematriculation started around 8am.Some students retired to their rooms to relax while some engaged in some other activities jubilating the end of the semester.
“Some also got drinks from the matriculating students. Even as these were going on, some students who finished around 3pm retired to their halls. By 5pm, they announced that we should get prepared for the ‘Departure service’ which was to start by 8pm. Some students werealready seeing their parents off while some of us were just trying to relax to get off the stress of theexams.
“Most of us hadn’t gotten throughthe tiredness of the sleepless nights of the exams; so, some us stayed back in our rooms. The departure service is usually a day before we go home and it is usually presided over by the Chancellor. Before the commencement of the service, they used to lock up the main doors of the halls so as to preventcases of theft. I was not botheredsince there were a lot of us in thehall. Some minutes past 8pm, they switched off the light and all of us in the hall went into our rooms. Because of the darkness and the cold, I slept off immediately.”
He continued: “The persistent knocks on the door woke me up and I realised that they had cometo search for people who had not come to service. Before I realised what was going on, I found myself with other students numbering about 30. They took down our names and counted us to make sure that no one was omitted. They said the Chancellor was at the service and we refusedto come. I heard them talking about other halls and they asked us to wait. I didn’t take it seriously because I never believedin my widest imagination that we would be expelled. We were later asked to go to our various halls.
“Some of those who went into hiding were lucky as they were not found. Shortly, those who went for the service returned and told us there was poor attendanceat the Chapel and how students were diving in through the windows, scampering for seats. In fact, one narrated to us how the Chancellor jumped through the window to vent his anger on some students who had jumped in,” he stated.
Another expelled student also gave similar account of the incident. “I couldn’t go to the service because, I was not feelingwell which was as a result of the stress of the exams we had just finished. After a while, I managedto go but I heard that they starteddriving people back around 7:30pm while the service was to start around 8pm. I was surprisedbecause the rule was that you’ve got to be seated 15minutes to theservice. Again, it was never made compulsory, but they tried to get students out of the halls to prevent cases of theft. So, because I was not feeling well, I went back to my room because I needed to rest for a while.
“I thought it was a joke when they said we are in for expulsion because we failed to come for departure service. I have never done anything contrary to the school laws. I have never faced any panel before and neither did I have any unpleasant case in my file. I never thought it was real until letters were handed to me the following morning.”
Giving account of how letters were handed out to them, the visibly troubled student said: “By 6am, they announced the names of those who were caught in halls and colleges. Usually after the departure service, one can sign out from there and go but because it ended late and no one could travel, students had to wait till the following morning. But the hall officer told those of us whose names were written down that if we leave, we should be considered gone from the university forever. That gave us an insight into what was likely to come as punishment. By 7:45am, we were called once again to go downstairs for our letters. Those who collected theirs before mine were crying and I wondered whatthe punishment could be until I read the letter stating I was expelled from the university.”
Bishop Oyedepo
At the Chapel
Another student who found his way to the Chapel also told Saturday Vanguard that while the Chancellor was being driven past,he noticed that students were loitering at about the time they were supposed to be seated at the chapel. He said that this apparently infuriated him and he alighted from his car and chased students to the chapel with knocks. “I saw him, alighted fromhis car and chased students to thechapel; I quickly found my way tothe hall. Not quite long after, I saw students jumping in through the windows. It was a big commotion. Even the chancellor was going after those who jumped into the chapel. Later, he addressed the students saying hewas very disappointed by the behaviour that the students were not seated 15 minutes before the service.”
Another account had it that while the Education Secretary, Prof. Aize Obayan was addressing the students, the students were murmuring, then the Chancellor immediately took to the microphone and said: “if I hear the voice of any student, the curse of the Lord shall fall upon that one.” The chapel immediatelywent dead silent.
Our source who was also late to the service stated that the Chancellor later directed that those students who did not come to the service would be purged out saying they did not belong tothe school. Our source stated thatat the end of the service, he prayed for the students in the hall.
Another source in the school hinted that at that point, the Vice-chancellor pleaded on behalfof those who were absent but theChancellor insisted they must be purged from the school.
Our source told Saturday Vanguard that the Vice-Chancellor while addressing the students announced that a search would be carried out in all the halls and colleges to find out those who failed to attend the departure service, advising them to wait behind.
Saturday Vanguard investigation revealed that out of the figure, about 126 were expelled for not attending the ‘departure service’, five were thrown out for smoking marijuana, twenty-five final year students and undisclosed numberof lower level students were caught violating rules bothering on the University’s core values. We also gathered that a few others were given four weeks suspension for failure to sign the head count that was conducted a couple of weeks earlier. Some of the students opined that failure to sign the head count was even a greater offence which implied that the student was not in the school at the time of the exercise but yet got a four-week suspension.
The private university is known for its strict rules and discipline such as not allowing the students to use mobile phones within the school’s premises, while it is mandatory for students to always bring their bible to the chapel.
Parents react
A few parents who volunteered information spoke to us on condition of anonymity fearing that their children might be victimised in case the issue was resolved amicably. One of them said with bitterness that it is unacceptable, adding that the expulsion was not commensurate with the offence deemed to have been committed. He urged the school authorities to rescind its decision adding that the future of the students is at stake.
“For me, it is not acceptable. These students were not given fair hearing. Expulsion should not be a punishment for failure to attend service. We all agree, it is a Christian school but failure to attend church service could be due to a lot of reasons. I gathered that some of the students even finished their exams about 5pm that day. So, those people that finished at that time had barely three hours to prepare for the service. But stampeding them to congregate for service and then expelling those who did not come is a decision taken too far. For me, if there was poor attendance, I think the authorities have a responsibility. They have not beenfair in putting the service so closeto the examination. Even God willnot do that.”
He however commended the Chancellor, Dr. Oyedepo on his vision towards the education of Nigeria children especially when the government institutions are failing, but urging him to tamper justice with mercy.
Another parent who was afraid ofthe press noted that he was still studying the situation and would not want to comment but noted that he was reliably informed thatsome group of parents made frantic efforts to meet with the Chancellor on the issue but without success. It was not clear the level of the efforts made. He further hinted that some students have not told their parents about their expulsion, still hoping that the issue would be resolved.
He lamented that his child had been having sleepless nights, going through mental torture unjustifiably. “I agree that discipline must be instilled in the students but it should not be aimed at destroying the life of thestudents. Expulsion is too great a punishment for non attendance ofa departure service, without even a warning especially when the students hitherto, had not been found wanting,” he stated.
What the Student Handbook says
The Covenant University Core values border on Spirituality, Possibility Mentality, Capacity Building, Integrity, Responsibility, Diligence and Sacrifice. On the spirituality aspect, it states: “The Christian ethos underguard our activities and conducts at all time and every student of Covenant University is expected to exhibit character traits and dispositions of a Jesus-centered heritage. The Jesus – factor centered approach to all issues is non-negotiable andcentral in the pursuit of our mandate in raising a new generation of leaders and in the realization of the objectives of our purpose.
To this extent therefore, students will be committed to maintaining a high level of spirituality and shall act in such manner as to facilitate their spiritual growth as well as work out ways to evolve and implement a spiritual development plan. Attendance at Chapel Services is a compulsory part of students’ spiritual development where a bible and notebook are essential kits for theservice. Students are expected to demonstrate a deep reverence forGod at all times.”
The school declines comment
Several attempts were made to get the school authorities comment on the issue. The institution’s Corporate/Public Affairs Officer, Mr Igban Emmanuel Kalu declined comment. At first, several calls were pulled through to him but he refused to pick his calls. Whenthe reporter persisted, he later picked but said he was driving and could not answer any question. But few hours later, other calls pulled to him were unanswered. A text message was sent to his phone and up to the time of writing this report, he did not reply.
I’m not aware —Prof Julius Okojie, NUC Executive Secretary
The Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission, NUC, Prof Julius Okojie said he has not been briefed on the matter.
Prof Okojie stated this during a telephone conversation Saturday Vanguard had with him a few days ago. “I am not aware of any expulsion by Covenant University; I will ask the school authorities. Right now, I am not in Abuja, I left Abuja few days ago and until I return to Abuja and find out details about the matter, I cannot comment on it,” he said.

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Don Jazzy and D’Banj: Best rivalry in 2012

Don Jazzy and ex-business partner, D’banj were once best of friends, brothers and professional colleagues. Their rapport and struggle started way back in London, until they decided to takethe country by storm when they floated the now rested Mo’hits record label.
As friends, they stayed glued to each other before their friendship went soar. And like cat and mouse, rivalry tore them apart.
Don Jazzy and D’banj, made their split official in March. In posts on his Twitter account, Don Jazzy confirmed rumours that their partnership under the Mo’ Hits umbrella had crumbled. He described the development as “sad but true.
There had been reports that the two friends had parted ways over some issues, especially D’ banj’s collaboration with American R&B star, Kanye West, and his label, G.O.O.D Music. D’ banj’s interview with American magazine, Ebony, shortly after, added fire to the speculations, especially where he described Don Jazzy as one of the artistes on the Mo’hits label. Two months after, Don Jazzy floated Marvin Records and signed on artistes previously with Mo’ Hits record label, including Wande Coal, Dr SID D’Prince and Tiwa Savage as the new addition.
In the years they worked together, they reshaped the industry with renowned hip-hop artistes.
To further lend credence to the rivalry, while Kokomaster opened his night club, One Eleven, on Lagos Island recently, Don Jazzy equally went into the business few days ago when he establishedhis PoP night club located also onthe Island.
It is not for nothing that D’ banj snubbed Don Jazzy at the recentlyheld Rhythm Unplugged. At the show, other artistes who went on stage to perform kept hailing, Don Jazzy who sat at the V.I.P corner. But when it was time for D’banj and his brother to mount the stage, he didn’t do same. Instead of paying homage to theirbuddy(Jazzy) like others, both ignored him.

Arsenal will improve, warns Cazorla

Santi Cazorla has warned Arsenal’s rivals that his midfield partnership with MikelArteta and Jack Wilshere is developing rapidly, ahead of Saturday’s home game with Newcastle United.
The Gunners have strung togetherthree successive Premier League wins, with the midfield trio starting together against West Bromwich Albion, Reading and Wigan Athletic, and contributing atotal of six goals.
Those results helped Arsenal briefly climb up to third in the table, although they now find themselves in seventh place after their fixture against West Ham United on Wednesday was postponed because of a transport strike in London.
But with Newcastle next to visit the Emirates Stadium, Spanish midfield star Cazorla believes the best is yet to come from his compatriot and 20-year-old Wilshere, who signed a new contract to keep him at the club until 2018 earlier this month after17 months out with injuries.
“Every day that goes by, we understand each other better,” said Cazorla.
“It is very easy for me to play with them. Mikel is more of a tactical player, a very important player in any side.
“He always has to be well positioned, to cover the open spaces that we leave further up the field. And Jack is an amazing football player.
“I did not know him well because when I arrived he was injured, but every day that goes by I understand why he is so well rated here, and especially for what he brings to the team.”
Cazorla added: “He (Wilshere) has amazing potential. Every day he is gaining more confidence, heis forgetting about the injury, andhe is a key player that can influence the result in a game.”
Wilshere has made eight Premier League starts since his comeback in October, although he has yet toscore in the league.
Arsenal were dumped out of the League Cup by third-tier side Bradford City and go into the meeting with Alan Pardew’s Newcastle trailing leaders Manchester United by 16 points, albeit with a game in hand.
Wilshere says he never doubted that he would extend his stay in north London and paid tribute to manager Arsene Wenger’s role in his development.
“He’s always been there for me,” said the England international.
“He (Wenger) showed faith in mewhen I was 18, and he stuck withme throughout the whole time I was injured. He knew the only thing that would get me better is games, and he stood by me.
“I need to thank him for that, andyes, he was a big part of why I signed.”
Alan Pardew admits injuries and suspension mean he will send outan inexperienced side at the Emirates.
The Newcastle manager is without most of his first-choice midfield after Vurnon Anita and Jonas Gutierrez became the latestadditions to an already over-crowded treatment room.
Dutch international Anita left the pitch on a stretcher with ankle ligament damage during Wednesday’s 4-3 defeat at Manchester United, a result that leaves the north-east club still searching for an away win in the league this season.
Argentina midfielder Gutierrez is sidelined for at least a week after an injection to cure a persistent knee problem, while Yohan Cabaye, Steven Taylor, Hatem Ben Arfa, Ryan Taylor, and Dan Gosling are already out long-term.
Ivory Coast international Cheick Tiote returns from suspension, but that is offset by defender MikeWilliamson starting a one-match ban after reaching five bookings. Midfielder James Perch is likely to drop into the back four to cover.
Newcastle remain five points above the relegation zone after suffering defeat in seven of their last nine league games, and Pardew confessed: “We’ve got numerous injuries, which leaves us with a very inexperienced midfield.

Four arrested over alleged plan to bomb Enugu airport

An attempt by four persons to blow up the Akanu Ibiam International Airport Enugu with explosives was,Thursday, foiled by operatives of the Explosive Ordinance Department (EOD) of the Enugu State Police Command.
The suspects, whose identities had been kept secret for security reasons, were apprehended whiledriving to the airport at about 8.30am Thursday.
The four suspects including the driver of their vehicle with registration number including KJA359 AP were heading to the airport when the EOD operatives halted them.
According to the State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. EbereAmaraizu who confirmed the arrest said when the vehicle was searched by the operatives, some items believed to be dangerous fireworks contained in two cartons were discovered in the vehicle.
More details soon

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D'banj Vs Don Jazzy : Power Tussle Or Ethnicity

These guys were role models to manywhen it comes to keeping friendships and understanding each other, no one ever saw a ''break-up'' coming.Now they both own their own record labels; D'banj owns DB records while Don Jazzy owns the MAVIN music label.
From the proper look of things, i Believe D'banj might have caused the whole trouble cause check this, No other member of Mo'hits decamped along with D'banj except his brother,Kswitch, Wande coal of all people who was tight with d'banj did not even go.some sources say D'banj after the kanye west deal wanted full ownership of the now disbanded Mo'hits record label.
On the issue of Power tussle, recently Don jazzy on micro blogging site, Twitter announced the birth of his club ''Pop'' some hours later D'banj announced his. At the just concluded rhythm unplugged a lot of artists who perfomed at the show, made shout outs to don jazzy and appreciated his presence,when D'banj and his brother, K-switch came to perform, they did not even look towards don jazzy,they just performed and left.
On the issue of Ethnicity, I Believe D'banj might have been thinking that Don jazzy was using ''ibo man'' sense for him by taking the larger share of revenue when they were together in Mo'hits, but Don jazzy was the music producer,manager and sometimes a back-up singer. since D'banj was the only one who left the label even though he had some fellow tribesmenin the label, ethnicity can be ruled out!
I can say any much but i used to love when these guys were together, their music made a lot of sense, now they are apart i am yet to listen to a sequelproduced from either of their respective labels.

Send in your thoughts and criticism, they will be helpful!

PDP to CPC: You ‘re blind to Jonathan’s govt achievements

Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has cautioned Nigerians against being taken in by what it claims as the rhetoric of the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, a party it claimed would lead Nigeria on the path to Somalia if given the opportunity.
Reacting to the CPC’s criticism of the Christmas day speech of President Goodluck Jonathan, the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, described the statement as a ritual bereft of imagination or sincerity.
The CPC had in the rebuttal described the PDP as being “moreinterested in seizing political power rather than the adequate planning for effectual governance,” noting what it claimed as the trillions of naira wasted in multiple fraud schemes,including the oil subsidy regime.
President Goodluck Jonathanand Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd)
The PDP said: “President Jonathan has invested heavily in critical infrastructures such as power, road and rail transport, security, agriculture, education among others. While the maturity span of some of these infrastructure is long term and areexpected to yield benefits in coming years, there is abundant evidence that steady gains are already crystalizing in sectors such as power, education and railtransport.
”The CPC will definitely be blind to this steady progress because constructive engagement is not the ultimate motivation of its criticism,” the statement added.
On the allegation that the PDP governments mismanaged resources of the country, the PDPsaid:
”Even in 2011 when the CPC tookdesperation to a criminal level, orchestrating an orgy of election violence that claimed many lives, Nigerians stood firm for the PDP in an election adjudged locally and internationally as the most credible in the nation’s recent record. But has the PDP squandered its mandate,” the statement asked.
”This can only be true in the diseased imagination of the CPC. The PDP has remained the only truly national party on whose shoulders revolve the unity of the nation. Need we say that a Nigeria in the hands of a political party like the CPC is on an express road to Somalia.
Besides, the statement continued,”the PDP met Nigeria a pariah state, retrieved and returned it to the centre stage of global reckoning. It is also on record that at a time the economy of the western nations was hobbled by the global melt down with banks collapsing, no bank in Nigeria suffered similar fate.
”Similarly, as part of the party’s strategy against corruption, the PDP liberalized the economy and threw the door open to generate new jobs. The party also established anti-corruption agencies, the EFCC and ICPC as well as enacted the Freedom of Information law to enhance transparency in governance. The party’s dispassion in winning the battle on corruption has seen even senior members of the party convicted for corruption.
”We must add, that our battle on corruption is total and that President Jonathan has won the most critical aspect of it which is against electoral corruption. Nigerians now go to the polls andare sure their votes will count””. There is no shorter road to good governance than when mandate and withdrawal of it depend entirely on the people,” the statement concluded.

Okonjo’s kidnap: Group flays arrest of 70 persons in Agbor

PEOPLE of Agbor in Delta State, have condemned the arrest of no fewer than 70 indigenes of the community by military officers during the search for kidnapped Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s mother.
The people, under the aegis of Agbor Vanguard, described the arrest as unlawful and a breach offundamental human rights of innocent citizens of the community. In a statement by its secretary, Mr. Ebede Benedict, the group, said the 70 persons where arrested from Ozanogogo and Alisor communities in Agbor Kingdom, Ika South Local Government Area of the state by overzealous military officers.
“We condemned the act in its totality. The 70 persons where arrested during the Agbor Unity Cup football tourney because we are known for only peaceful ventures.”

Monday, 17 December 2012

OBJ dares GEJ: I won’t stop criticising you

Former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, yesterday, broke hissilence on the feud between him and his estranged political son, President Goodluck Jonathan, saying he would not stop commenting on national issues.
He, however, said that despite the public perception on the disagreement between the duo, Jonathan remained his president.
Obasanjo stated this when he hosted the National Chairman of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, in his Hilltop country home, Abeokuta, Ogun State capital.
According to him, “the country, the party and government would remain my primary concern, because, if there is no Nigeria, therewill not be a party, and if there is no party, there will be nothing to govern on the platform of the party”.
The former president added: “If there is anything that requires my own comment, position or views. I will say it. It is only when you kill me that I will stop doing so. It is my passion, patriotism and love that will continue to make me say my own. If it is the party that I see that something is inimical to the growth, I will talk.”
President Jonathan and Gen. Obasanjo (Rtd)
The feud between Obasanjo and Jonathan blew into the open when Obasanjo said the Federal Government was not doing enough in tackling Boko Haram, saying the government was not decisive on the insurgency. The former president cited what his government did to quell the militancy in the Niger Delta, preciselyOdi town in Bayelsa, when some militants killed five soldiers.
Jonathan,a week or so later, replied him during a presidential chat on television, that his government would not take such a decisive action against the Boko Haram because the Odi invasion did not achieve the desired result. According to the president, hewas the Bayelsa deputy governor at that time and that, shortly after the place was leveled, all he could see were bodies, womenand children.
While describing the PDP national chairman as a respected leader, Obasanjo said, yesterday, that Tukur was a delight to have always.
He said, “It is always a delight to have our ogas (boss) to visit usto see what we are doing or what we are not doing.
“To know our anxiety, aspirations and concerns. And also to disabuse the minds of rumour mongers. The president is my president.
“Without Nigeria, there will be no party. Even when I was in prison, I was not quiet. Those who want me and the chair to quarrel; this visit will keep them quiet. But my mouth will not be quiet.”
Obasanjo, who also used the occasion of the visit by Tukur, to dispel his death rumour, wondered why people would continue to spread such rumour, remarking, “I am still alive anyway.”
In his remarks, Tukur, the PDP National Chairman, explained thathe was in Abeokuta to thank the former PDP Board of Trustees Chairman for his consistent role not only for the party.but also the country and the international community. “Your support has never been relenting and I have come to say thank you, sir.”
Tukur however affirmed the leadership of the Dipo Odujirin-led executive in the state, declaring that the party only recognized the elected executives.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Gunmen kidnap Nkiru Sylvanus, demand N100m

Special Assistant to Governor Rochas Okorocha on Public Affairs, Nkiru Sylvanus, was, yesterday, kidnapped in Owerri, the Imo Statecapital.
The Nollywood actress, who was kidnapped at 2.30pm, was only recently re-deployed from the stateLiaison Office in Lagos. She was reportedly abducted close to the famous Concord Hotel, Owerri, in the company of some of her friends.
Though details of the incident werestill sketchy at press time, it was learnt that the abductors have established contact with her family and have demanded a ransom of N100 million.
The incident could not be confirmedas repeated calls made to the mobile phone of State Commisionerof Information, Chinedu Offor, proved futile.
State Police Public Relations Officer,Mr. Vitalis Onugu, could also not bereached for comments as his mobile phone could not be reached.