Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Peter Okoye, Lola Omotayo Welcome Baby Girl In America

Peter Okoye of P-Square has added another addition to his already family of two, which now makes them three. Peter's baby mama, Lola Omotayo gave birth to a baby girl in the United States of America today.
The new baby girl is an addition to their first child, who is a son named Cameron. Lola jetted out of Nigeria to America in late 2012.
Mean while, the child was named Aliona. We cannot confirm at the moment if Peter will arrive Nigeria any time soon with his family from

Lagos can survive without oil revenue allocation – Fashola

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State said that Lagos is the only state that will be unaffected inthe federation if the oil revenues stopped coming for Nigeria, because 70 percent of its funds is internally generated.
The governor said this at the Sixth Lagos State Taxation Stakeholders Conference. He also stated that residents of Nigeria were living in aparadise compared to other places in the world where taxation is extremely high, noting that he has never passed any tax law since he was elected. While justifying why Nigeria is a tax haven, he noted that the maximum tax levied in Nigeria was 25 percent whereas, it was as high as 52 percent in Spain and Italy.
According to him, the Internal Generated Revenue, IGR, of Lagos has placed the state at an advantage over other states because of the collective effort of the citizens. “If they shut the tap on oil and the oil revenue stops, Lagos State is the only state that can survive without oil. Seventy percent of what we spend is our collective effort in our IGR. It is better to live in a life when you have the destiny of your life in yourhand s and in control, not on a life of lottery where you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. He said.
“People have been criticising me that I am taxing everything available in Lagos, they say I have even started taxing the air. I want everyone to note that I have not passed any tax law since I have been elected as a governor. I only implement the existing laws that I met.
He added: “I have only aggregatedall the local government laws into one law. In 1999 we could not moved waste out of this state. Olorunsogo and Idioro were cut offfrom Lagos because of the waste littering everywhere. Waste didn’t come from heaven, it was from heaven it was from our human activities. It is easier to move the waste in the refuse bag than to move it on the street.
“In the last US election the most paramount issue in the debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama was taxation. Reduction of debts and other economic management all came down to taxes. On both sides the American people could not escape taxes.
The governor also discouraged Millions of Nigerians who go to foreign embassies in search for greener pastures.
“There hundred million people who are the Americans owe the world over 16 trillion dollars and that is where we go and queue up for visa. We should know that we haveall the advantages here in Nigeria.
“On the streets of New York, you will see garbage just as you see here in Lagos. If you go out in NewYork by 4 a.m, you will feel that you are in a city overtaken by refuse. People are supposed to puttheir refuse in the waste bag.
“If we share the responsibility appropriately this state will be cleaner than it is presently. LAWMA is not supposed to sweep the streets, they are meant to clear the waste bags.

Eagles blast Ahmed Musa, Uche

Ahmed Musa and Ikechukwu Uche were rapped by their teammates after Nigeria threw away their leadat the death against Burkna Faso on Monday.
“The players gave both Musa and Uche their piece of mind immediately after the match,” a topofficial informed MTNFootball.com
“They blamed them for the draw because they said they should havetried to play for time rather than go for goal with seconds only left on the clock.
“The best thing for the players to have done in stoppage time with Burkina Faso enjoying the momentum was to try to run down the clock.”
Uche, Eagles leading scorer in the qualifying tournament for the 2013 Nations Cup with three goals, had two good chances to bury the Stallions but his finishing was not clinical.
Some top officials have also blamed the draw with Burkina Fasoto inexperience. Only six players from the final 23-man squad have played at the AFCON before this competition.
They are skipper Joseph Yobo, goalkeepers Vincent Enyeama and Austin Ejide, Elderson Echiejile, Mikel Obi and Ikechukwu Uche.

Man stabs ex-girl friend to death for dumping him

The Aleato family has been thrown into sorrow following the murder oftheir 26-year-old daughter, Onyinyechukwu, last Saturday by her ex-boyfriend in Lagos.
The deceased, a sales girl at Alaba International market, Ojo, was reportedly trailed by her ex-boyfriend, Osita Amanunwa from her Iba new site abode, to Ajangbadi area of Lagos, where she had gone to visit a friend.
Crime Alert gathered that the late Onyin, as she was fondly called, satoutside her host’s compound, exchanging banters, without the slightest inkling that death lurked atthe corner.
Eye witnesses said she turned and suddenly, the smile on her face disappeared. And when her host turned to the direction of her gaze,they discovered that her ex stood opposite them.
Her host who spoke on condition of anonymity, told crime Alert that: “ she greeted him but he hissed and walked away. He later came back and beckoned on her to come. She excused herself and left…”.
Singular response
He paused at this juncture,quivering with fear. That singular response happened to be Onyin’s greatest undoing because unknown to her, Osita had a sinister motive up his sleeves.
This was confirmed moments later,following a desperate shout for help from the isolated meeting point at number 4/5 Abike Ogunlana close, at about 9pm. At first, no one suspected it could be Onyin.
But after waiting for a while, her host decided to check on her, only to see Onyin in the pool of her ownblood with a knife still thrust in her neck. From all indication, it was obvious that she tried to put up a struggle in order to free herself from the assailant’s grip.
She was also discovered to have managed to crawl from the isolatedspot to an open area. But her strength apparently failed her midway, owing to much loss of blood. Unable to crawl further, she stopped, clutching firmly to the earth as if rescue would spring outof it. Osita on the other hand, was nowhere to be found.
Cause of break-up
Crime Alert gathered that before the incident, Osita, a trader at Alaba International market, had on several occasions, threatened to leave an indelible mark on Onyin for dumping him for another man. Investigation revealed that the duohad a romantic relationship that lasted for six years, a relationship that was to lead to marriage until Osita allegedly raped Onyin’s younger sister.

Family sources told Crime Alert thatOyin’s younger sister(names withheld) was sent to deliver a parcel to Osita at his 80 Isiaka street, Iba new site two years ago. However, on reaching his apartment he allegedly raped the teenager who was barely 15 years-old.
It was gathered that the teenager never told anyone about the deed, until she was discovered to be pregnant. She gave birth about a year ago.
Without further warning or advice, Onyinyechukwu, stopped seeing Osita. But her action as gathered, signaled the danger that eventuallyled to her sudden death, following threat from Osita.
Perhaps, had she listened to her parents, this tragedy might not have befallen her. It was gathered that right from the onset, Onyin’s parents kicked against her relationship with 36-year-old Osita who hails from Akere village in Ogbaru local government area of Anambra state.
Her devastated father, Mr Aleato, offered an explanation to the family’s stance: “ My daughter came back home one fateful day with razor marks all over her bodyand when I asked what happened, she told me that she fell down. Butwe were later informed by a friendof hers that her boyfriend, Osita, inflicted the marks on her. I warned her severally to abstain from Osita and every other man who would go to the extent of inflicting such injury on her; men who would not respect her as a woman…”
It was also gathered that Osita hadon several occasions beat Onyin publicly, for calling off the relationship , only to start off with another man, boasting that if he could not have her, nobody else would.
Police on the trail of the assailant
Since the tragic incident, Osita’s whereabouts is unknown. Policemen at Ilemba Hausa were however, said to be on his trail. When Crime Alert visited his apartment at Iba new site, it was discovered that Osita had a wife already. Sources hinted that he rushed home that fateful night and informed some of his friends around the area about what he haddone and thereafter, picked some of his clothes before disappearing into thin air. Out of fear, his close friends were also discovered to have fled, apparently to avoid being arrested by the Police.
The case, has been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) where operatives at the Homicide section have reportedly began investigation.

I’m alive, will be back – Chime, Enugu gov

FOR the first time since he left the country 135 days ago, Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State, yesterday, opened up on his condition, saying he is in good health and will soon return to the country.
The governor spoke exclusively to Vanguard while receiving three governors, who visited him in London, United Kingdom where he is recovering after an illness.
Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum, NGF, Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State; Governor Godswill Akpabio of AkwaIbom State and Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue State who constituted the delegation, separately attested to Chime’s state of well being in telephone interviews with Vanguard . They said Chime was, yesterday, moving about, eating and in good health.
The visit of the governors followed unprecedented speculations on the state of Chime’s health.

I’m very great — Chime
Governor Chime’s declaration cameas the Speaker of the Enugu State House of Assembly, Eugene Odo, rejected a call by prominent citizens of the state under the aegis of Save Enugu Group (SEG) for the House to invoke the Doctrine of Necessity to enthrone the deputy governor of the state, Sunday Onyebuchi as acting governor.
Speaking to Vanguard, yesterday, Chime said: ”I am alive and well, I will be back very, very soon.”
Asked how he felt, the governor in a very strong, cheerful voice said: “I am great, very, very great. Tell Nigerians to discountenance all the rumours about my health.”

Chime is in good shape – Amaechi
Speaking on Chime’s health, Amaechi said: “We saw him in an atmosphere of recovery. We were able to go out with him, he is in good shape and is getting ready to come back home very soon. We thank God for what He has done, how He has helped him to recover.”

He has recovered fully – Suswam
Also speaking, Suswam said: “Chime has been discharged from the hospital. He has recovered fully and is physically okay. I was impressed with what I saw. We walked around together, ate together and he is going about on his own.”

We must desist from wishing our leaders evil – Akpabio
Also speaking on their encounter with Chime, Akpabio said: “He has recovered tremendously, I am veryhappy and I give glory to God. Thisour visit to him and the fact that hewas able to speak with Vanguard has put paid to all the rumours. Nigerians should learn how to pray for their leaders instead of gangingup through NGOs and groups and wishing them evil. We are all human beings. As humans, we can break down anytime which means we should be sympathetic with our leaders when they face challenges whether health wise or security wise. We should pray for them instead of wishing them bad.”

Speaker berates Chime’s critics
Speaker of Enugu State House of Assembly, Mr. Eugene Odo, yesterday, faulted the position of the Save Enugu Group (SEG) on Governor Sullivan Chime’s prolonged absence from the state, saying the lawmakers did not in any way violate the Nigerian constitution in their handling of the issue.
Odo, who spoke on the floor of theHouse at the resumption of debates on the state’s 2013 budgetproposal, said by not invoking the Doctrine of Necessity to dislodge Chime on account of his leave, the House had not done anything wrong to warrant any attack as witnessed in the recent past.
The Chief Maxi Okwu-led SEG had in a letter to the Speaker on Monday asked the lawmakers to use the Doctrine of Necessity to empower the acting governor of Enugu state, Sunday Onyebuchi, citing the case of late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.
Gov’s absence is in order – Odo
Countering, Odo said: “We believe that those demanding that do not actually know what the Doctrine of Necessity is all about. Perhaps, people equate Doctrine of Necessity with a mere jamboree phenomenon.”
Insisting that Governor Chime’s absence was in order and should not be compared with that of late President Yar’Adua, the Speaker restated that the governor transmitted a letter to the House before travelling, and “in the letter he empowered his deputy as the acting governor.
“And under the 1999 Constitution, section 190, whenever a governor is travelling and he intends to stay for more than 21 days, he should transmit a letter to the House of Assembly, in which case the deputygovernor now becomes the acting governor, which Sullivan Chime haddone.
“It beats my imagination when some people started to say that the House of Assembly should empower the deputy governor to act. Under our constitution, the power to act has been vested on the deputy governor and the constitution does not provide for double acting capacity as some people are clamouring for.”
Odo explained that the Doctrine of Necessity was applied by the National Assembly in the case of late President Yar’Adua when the president traveled without handing over to the vice president.
He also dismissed the request that certain individuals be empowered to to go and see how the governor was faring overseas.
“That is a mere moral issue. The constitution of Nigeria in Section 189 made it specifically clear that even when the governor is not feeling fine, the only statutory bodythat can generate a resolution to the House of Assembly is the State Executive Council and even in the House of Assembly, the Speaker has a duty to nominate five medicalpractitioners including the governor’s doctor for that purpose.In other words, those listed by the group did not meet the constitutional requirements; none of them is a medical practitioner,” he argued.
The SEG had in its letter to the speaker dated January 21, 2013, demanded an explanation regarding the letter purportedly sent to the lawmakers notifying them of his intention to embark on leave in September last year, stressing that the said letter, if any,ought to have been made public since it was not meant for the speaker’s private perusal.
“We demand to know from you if the said letter was tabled and readat an open session of the House? Ifso, may we be obliged with or referred to a copy of the Hansard where this is reflected. We are alsointerested to know the ground on which the Governor was departing. Was it for a ‘vacation’ or the second arm which is ‘for inability todischarge the functions of his office’? It cannot be for both we humbly submit, as we believe that the ‘or’ makes the clause disjunctive and with different consequences.
“We would wish to inquire from you, if you did write formally to theDeputy Governor intimating him of the said letter and attaching a copyof the letter to enable him immediately begin to function as Acting Governor? This would be theprescribed procedure since we have been advised by constitutionallawyers that a swearing in is not mandatory in this particular circumstance.
“Mr. Speaker Sir, our worry here is that there is more to it than meets the eye in the ‘acting governorship’of Mr. Onyebuchi. We believe that without a formal communication from your office to him, no one in his shoes can take over a state administration on mere hearsay,” the SEG stated in the letter to the speaker signed by its Convener, Okwu.
How the controversies started
On September 19, 2012, exactly 135 days ago, Governor Chime travelled out of the country after transmitting a letter to the House of Assembly that he was proceeding on leave and handing over the reins of authority to his deputy, Onyebuchi.
The governor’s failure to return to office after six weeks sparked controversy, leading to speculationsof ill-health and varied allegations of incapacity. Enugu Commissioner for Information Mr. Chuks Ugwoke,however, repeatedly asserted that due process was followed by the governor in proceeding on what he described as “accumulated vacation.”

Monday, 21 January 2013

FG to boost power supply with 400MM scf gas

The Federal Government is set to boost power supply in the country with 400 Million Metric Standard Cubit Feet per day of gas following the unveiling of Oredo Integrated Gas Handing Facility, IGHF, at Nigerian Petroleum Development Company, NPDC operated field in Edo State.
The facility, which currently supplies 65 million Metric Standard Cubic Feet per Day, MMscfd, has ramped up NPDC’s total gas production to a record 400MMscfd which is expected to increase to 600MMscfd by year end, is envisaged to boost the Federal Government’s power supply drive.
Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, in a statement, yesterday, said the project was in line with the ongoingreform process in the industry designed to ensure the monetization of the nation’s gas endowment through gas to power and other gas related uses.
She noted that the Oredo gas project, which is 100 percent local content in design and construction, was in furtherance of Federal Government’s desire to grow and support effective indigenous participation in the oil and gas industry.
She said: “It is this commitment to support indigenous oil and gas production growth that led to the assignment of a number of assets to NPDC. Government’s commitment is further reflected in the Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB, 2012, currently before the National Assembly, where special consideration had been given to indigenous players in the industry.”
Providing technical details of the project, Group Managing Director of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Engr. Andrew Yakubu, said the IGHF which symbolized NNPC’s response to the Federal Government’s gas to power initiative was the first major gas development project aimed at realising NPDC’s strategic growth plan of being an integrated oil and gas company.

Nigeria earns N6trn from oil in 11 months – CBN

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, yesterday, said that Nigeria received N6.24 trillion ($40 billion) as oil revenue from January to November last year.
Meanwhile, the apex bank retainedits tight money supply policy, as it left the Monetary Policy Rate, MPR,at 12 per cent.
In a communiqué issued at the Monetary Policy Committee, MPC, of the CBN, yesterday, the apex bank said: “In the first 11 months of 2012, oil receipts totalled US$40.087 billion.”
This, it said, enhanced the stability of the exchange rate and built up of the external reserves.
It said: “Overall, the relative stability recorded in the foreign exchange market could be attributed to the combined effects of improved supply of foreign exchange by oil companies and enhanced capital inflows from portfolio investors during the periodunder review.
“The Committee expressed satisfaction with the sustained accretion to external reserves which stood at US$43.849 billion asat December 31, 2012, representing an increase of US$1.682 billion or about 3.98 per cent from the level of US$42.167 billion at end-October 2012.
“Relative to the end-December 2011 level of US$32.915 billion, theexternal reserves at the end of December 2012, had risen by US$10.934 billion or 33.21 per cent.The increase in the level of foreign reserves was driven mainly by proceeds from crude oil and gas exports and crude oil related taxes as well as reduced funding of the WDAS on account of the huge inflow of foreign portfolio investments, which was about 77.0per cent of total inflows through the CBN.
Retains MPR at 12%
The CBN, however, defied calls for a change in its monetary policy, by leaving its Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) at 12 per cent. Defending itsdecision to retain MPR at 12 per cent, the CBN said: “Given the stability achieved in the last 12 months with average year-on-year headline inflation rate at 12.24 per cent, in 2012, the MPR of 12 per cent was considered to be just about right.
“The Committee considered the calls for a reduction in the MPR because of the benign inflation outlook, other things being equal.”
However, this may be undermined by the increased sub-national government spending and Federal Government high expenditure in 2013, the higher benchmark oil price in the 2013 budget and the US debt ceiling with possible impacton commodity prices.
“In view of the foregoing, the Committee decided that it was prudent to hold and monitor developments between now and the next meeting of the MPC. The Committee, therefore, decided by amajority vote of 8:2 to maintain thecurrent policy stance i.e., to retain the MPR at 12.0 per cent with a corridor of +/- 200 basis points around the midpoint; retain the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) at 12.0 per cent; and to retain the LiquidityRatio at 30.0 per cent. Two members voted for a reduction of the MPR by 25 basis points.”
Sells $100m, Naira gains 8k
The CBN sold $100 million dollars at the Wholesale Dutch Auction System, WDAS, session held, yesterday, while the naira appreciated by eight kobo in the interbank foreign exchange market.
Analysis of the WDAS session showed that the CBN sold $100 million as against $108 million in the previous session last week, representing eight per cent decline.But the official exchange rate rose slightly by one kobo to N155.73 from N155.72 per dollar. Cumulatively, the CBN has sold$371.2 million this year.

FG sets up 800 community radio stations

About 800 Community Radio Stations will soon commence transmissions in various parts of the country to ensure that information on programmes and policies of the Federal Government get to the rural communities.
Director General of National Orientation Agency, NOA, Mr. Mike Omeri, who disclosed this yesterday during briefing and strategy meeting organised by the Democratic Governance for Development Project, in collaboration with the Nigeria Community Radio Coalition, said thecommunity radio stations would start transmission before the second quarter of this year.
Omeri said setting up community radio stations was the result of agitations by people in rural communities in different parts of the country.
He said the stations would use the language of the people of the area,adding that they would create over12,000 jobs when they begin transmission.
He also said that establishing the community radio stations became necessary to promote a vibrant culture and for the agency to discharge its mandate adequately, adding that it would break media monopoly in information dissemination.
According to him, the stations will serve geographic or territorial communities with various interests and restore the citizens’ integrity, promotes transparency, accountability and cost effectiveness, stressing that unless the citizens understood policies andprogrammes of government, such policies stood the risk of failure.
The NOA DG said President Goodluck Jonathan was committed to the issuance of licenses for community radio stations and that he was optimistic the license wouldbe granted within the second quarter of the year.
Omeri, who said that within five months in office, he established FMradio station that transmits within the secretariat assured that the agency in setting up the communityradio stations would not go against the code of ethics and guidelines tobe presented by the National Broadcasting Corporation, NBC.
In his remarks at the workshop, the Minister of Information and Communication, Mr. Labaran Maku represented by the Director, Research and Policy, Mr. Joseph Obodeze said it was unacceptable to the present administration that in some parts of the North, they donot get radio stations from the country instead stations in Cameroon.
The minister said that he was in support of the workshop and that itis imperative that community radio should spring up pointing out that radio had remained a powerful toolin disseminating information to the people.
Earlier in his address, the Director General of Democratic Governance for Development, DGD, Project, Dr.Mourtadada Deme said that DGD 11 project and its international partners, the European union, the UK’s Department for International Development, the Canada International Development Agency and the United nations Development programme were proud to support the renewed advocacy for the operationalization of community radio in the country.
Deme said, “As Nigeria progresses in its democratic development, community radio will foster community dialogue, strengthen the integrity of the electoral process, contribute to transparencyand accountability of governance institutions at the grassroots and facilitates citizens participation in governance.”
He regretted that after over two years the federal government announced that license was going to be issued to community radio stations in the country which had raised a lot of expectations, the promise was yet to be actualized.
President Goodluck Jonathan had inOctober 19, 2010, made a pronouncement that government had considered and approved the guideline for the setting up of community radio, but nothing had been done since then and there was accusing fingers at the National Broadcasting Commission of frustrating the efforts, although it was gathered that the government had not given any directives to NBC.
There were opinions expressed at the workshop that even though thepresident had made the pronouncement, he did not mean what he said.
Executive Director, Institute for Media and Society, Mr. Akin Akingbulu said that a lot of advocacy had been carried out to the presidency and the national assembly, stressing that the death of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua affected the issuance of the licenseas he had welcomed the idea.
Mrs. Toyin Gabriel, Media expert with the DGD Project advised members of the coalition to be flexible and more open in their advocacy towards ensuring that people were carried along.

Eagles to get $1.5m if they win Cup

The winner of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations tournament will bag$1.5million as well as bragging rights until the 2015 tournament.
The Confederation of African Football will spend $10million on prize money as the runners-up will get a cool $1million, while the the semi-finalists bag $750,000 each.
Below is the list of prize money and how much will be paid to each of the participants, depending on where they finish.
Winner: $1.500.000
Losing finalist: $1.000.000
Semi-finalist: $750.000
Quarter-finalist: $600.000
Third-place in group: $500.000 each
Fourth-place in group: $400,000 each.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Soldier arrested for kidnapping Indian

Oyo State Police Command has arrested a soldier, Bada Yusuf in connection with thekidnap of an Indian, Manoj K. Singh-Kumasi last Wednesday.
This came just as the Command killed two armed robbery suspectswho allegedly engaged its men in a shoot-out yesterday after a successful robbery operation in Osogbo and escaped to Ibadan.
One of the six- man gang was also arrested with bullet wounds.
Kumasi was kidnapped in Abeokuta and his abductors demanded a ransom of N2million before he could be set free.
The suspect was roun- ded up on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway where he allegedly wanted to pick up the N2million ransom.
He said the suspect claimed he was attached to Nigerian Army 2 Division Workshop Auchi, Edo State.
When parading some suspects yesterday in Ibadan, Mbu said, “the suspect was arrested in full Army camouflage uniform.”
He gave the service number as 11NA/66/10245.
On the robbery case, the Commissioner explained “the police blocked Iwo Road and laid an ambush.
“The robbers on sighting the police blockade started firing sporadically and the police retaliated. In the process, two of the armed robbers were gunned down, others fled to the forest, while one lay helpless.”
Items recovered from them include N91,000 cash, three wristwatches, 14 rounds of .9mm live ammunition, five cartridges, jewelry, two cars marked LSR 596AE and KRD 332 AS.

Assassins murder hotelier in Imo

A gang of dare devil hoodlums, suspected to be hired assassins, have murdered an international businessman, Mr. Kevin Ezekwem, in his Umuocha Awa country home in Oguta LocalGovernment Area of Imo State.
Vanguard investigations revealed that the deceased commissioned his brand new hotel in the community and invited people to “come, drink and eat whatever they wished.”
It further was gathered that the event turned sour at about 9pm when some young boys stormed the place and asked for a particular brand of beer (names withheld).
“As Kevin made to serve his supposed guests, the boys drew out their guns and started firing into the air and people ran for safety,” a female villager told Vanguard.
According to the villager, the hoodlums shot him in his legs before taking him away in their waiting Toyota Camry car.
“The entire village was shocked beyond description when they discovered the same night that the hoodlums further shot their harmless prey in different parts ofhis body before dumping him in the premises of Community Primary School, Akabor,” the woman recounted.
Another male villager told Vanguard that the community’s vigilante group belatedly mobilised and pursued the invading assassins but only spotted the lifeless body of Kevin in the school.
“From the way the gory event played out, it is clear they were not kidnappers but assassins, whowere possibly hired to execute thedamnable act. The police was quickly alerted and they moved the corpse to a morgue,” the mansaid
He particularly recalled that Kevin had a heated disagreement with his wife, which culminated in his sending the woman out of the family home, stressing that three days after this incident, the blood-thirsty assassins struck.
When contacted for his comments, the Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Mr. Vitalis Onugu, confirmed the incident and promised to get backto Vanguard.

Lampard set to join Man Utd

MANCHESTER UNITED want Frank Lampard and the Chelsea star is ready to move to Old Trafford.
Lampard has been told he is no longer wanted at Stamford Bridge, with his contract set to run out in the summer.
United manager Alex Ferguson is convinced the veteran midfielder, 34, can still do a job at the very highest level.
He is a long-time admirer of the player and tried to get him beforehe even joined Chelsea.
It is unlikely a deal will be done this month — when a fee would be involved — while Lampard is also keen to see out the rest of the season at Stamford Bridge.
But United are prepared to offer him a one-year deal in the summer, with the promise of a second year if everything goes well.
Contact has already been made from Old Trafford to Lampard’s representatives.
He currently has a number of options including another PremierLeague club and two abroad.
But United are firm favourites to land him in a deal that would have seemed un thinkable at the start of the season.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Psquare Vows Never To Visit Uganda Again

Just recently the twin brothers performed at a concert in Uganda andnow they have vowed never to set their foot in uganda again. According to a source. they were paid for their performance, accomodation and transport were also provided for thembut the two brothers still spent more than expected and were later detained at a five star hotel where they lodged because they couldent pay for their excess bills. Now this hasmade them vow never to set feet in Uganda again.

Alex Ferguson in plans to end FA Cup drought

Alex Ferguson has set his sights on ending Manchester United’s FA Cup drought as the 11-time winners prepare to face West Ham in Saturday’s third round tie at Upton Park.
United have not lifted English football’s oldest trophy since 2004when they defeated Millwall in thefinal and have seen Chelsea dominate the competition in recent years, winning four of the last six tournaments.
Ferguson’s team have suffered with tough draws in recent years and they lost at Liverpool last season after being beaten by Manchester City in 2011.
But, with United in a strong position in the Premier League — they sit seven points clear of second placed Manchester City — Ferguson can confidently turn his attention to making a winning start to the FA Cup campaign.
“Over the last three or four years we have had some really difficult ties,” Ferguson said.
“When the draw comes out you hope for either a home tie or one you can navigate. This is a particularly hard one.
“But I always feel, at a club like ours, the closer we get to Wembley, the better we become.”
United’s match at West Ham is one of four all-Premier League ties, alongside West Bromwich Albion’s trip to Queens Park Rangers, Arsenal’s game at Swansea City, and holders Chelsea’s match at Southampton.
Chelsea were stunned 1-0 by bottom club QPR in the Premier League on Wednesday and interim coach Rafael Benitez has admitted that his players are feeling the effects of the gruellingChristmas season.
“I thought they were doing well and I thought that would be fine, but maybe in odd areas we were tired,” he said.
“You could see we didn’t have theintensity and the pace on the passand the movement that we were expecting.”
Southampton, meanwhile, have shown signs of improvement in recent weeks after a difficult start to the season and avoided defeat for the third successive game by holding Arsenal to a 1-1 draw on New Year’s Day.
Manchester City, United’s nearest rivals in the league, host second-tier Watford, with the FA Cup oneof only two trophies they can nowwin after elimination from the League Cup and the Champions League.
With many of the competition’s big names drawn against fellow top-flight sides, the chances of a major upset have been reduced, but seventh-tier Hastings United will hope to pull off a shock at Championship side Middlesbrough.
Romantics will also hope to see Mansfield Town earn a place in cup history when the team from the fifth-tier Conference National host last season’s beaten finalists Liverpool on Sunday.
Fixtures (1500GMT unless otherwise stated)
Brighton and Hove Albion v Newcastle United (1230GMT), Queens Park Rangers v West Bromwich Albion, Peterborough v Norwich City, Oxford United v Sheffield United, Middlesbrough v Hastings United, Charlton Athletic v Huddersfield, Barnsley v Burnley, Hull City v Leyton Orient,Southampton v Chelsea, AldershotTown v Rotherham, Crawley Town v Reading, Manchester City v Watford, Nottingham Forest v Oldham, Derby County v Tranmere, Sheffield Wednesday vMK Dons, Crystal Palace v Stoke City, Luton Town v Wolverhampton Wanderers, Wigan Athletic v Bournemouth, Tottenham Hotspur v Coventry City, Millwall v Preston North End,Macclesfield v Cardiff City, Bolton Wanderers v Sunderland, Fulham v Blackpool, Leicester City v Burton Albion, Leeds United v Birmingham City, Aston Villa v Ipswich Town, Southend v Brentford, Blackburn Rovers v Bristol City, West Ham United v Manchester United (1715GMT)
Swansea City v Arsenal (1330GMT), Mansfield v Liverpool(1600GMT)
Cheltenham v Everton (1945GMT)

Friday, 4 January 2013

Olu Maintain drops 2 new-year singles

Few days after winning Best Reggae Video of the Year at the just concluded Nigeria Music Video Awards (NMVA) with the artistic NAWTI video, Olumide Adegbulu popularly known as Olu Maintain has released two new songs featuring two popular America artistes, Olivia and Fatman Scoop.
Olu indeed had an eventful 2012. His last single, NAWTI was one ofthe most popular songs of 2012. The song won him several awardsincluding Best Video of The Year at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards in New-York and Best Reggae/Dancehall Video of the year at Nigeria Music Video Awards. And now, Olu is sure ready for greater exploits in 2013 with the release of two songs in the beginning of 2013.
The two songs are titled, Hypnotize and Oya Dancia. Hypnotize is a well crafted melodious song with well arranged strings and horns that will mesmerize first listeners. The smooth vocal delivery of Olu and Olivia on the song makes it a classic collaboration and one of the songs that will rule the airwaves in 2013. Oya Dancia is aparty starter and definitely one of the songs to rule the parties in 2013. The DJs definitely can’t resist the influenece of Fatman Scoop on the song.
With these new songs, Olu is ready to start his career in 2013 on a very high note. Speaking on the new songs, Olu said it is high time he dropped something new. “It is public knowledge that NAWTI was well accepted and even till now, the song is still in high demand.
I’ve been getting lots of calls and messages from friends and fans asking me when am I releasing my next singles and I thank them all for the love. The two songs I’m releasing now are part of the songs on my album titled, Choosen One and I’m very sure a lot of people will enjoy it as muchas they enjoyed NAWTI. It is a great way to start 2013.”

Thursday, 3 January 2013

How to Transfer MB to other Phone on Etisalat Network

Guess Many People really need to know How to Transfer MB to other Phone on Etisalat Network? Just Decided to Drop the How to. Want totransfer Etisalat MB to another Phone? Its very Simple, Just Dial*229*Phone No*Amount of mb # e.g Dial *229*08099224465*40#. This will send 40MB to the Number.
I will be Dropping that for other Network Soonest,

Nigerians to get ID number

In a move to curtail insurgency and other criminal challenges confronting the country, the National Population Commission, NPC, has commenced a comprehensive biometric capturing of all Nigerians, with a view to allocating every Nigerian number that would be associated with him or her from birth to death.
Chairman, NPC, Chief Festus Odimegwu, who disclosed this in Abuja, said the biometric capturing would also be applied to all people resident in Nigeria.
He said the biometric identification would help to streamline the avalanche of foreigners into the country and reduce the scope of kidnapping, armed robbery and Boko Haram sect’s activities in the country.
He said: “We are going to do for the first time in Nigeria a comprehensive biometric census. To record all Nigerians, their biometrics, give them one number that will follow them from birth to death.”

Community debunks rumour of plot to attack Chevron

Amadiwei, Chairman of Benikrukru Community in Warri South-West Local Government Area of Delta State, Chief Jeffrey Ojogun, has said there was no security threat to the operations of Chevron Nigeria Limited, CNL.
Speaking in Benikrukru Community Town Hall during a general meeting of the community, where leaders of the community passed a vote of confidence on him and his exco, Ojogun specifically urged Chevron to disregard the rumour of planned disruption of its operations in the area.
He said: “We will ensure that Chevron’s operations and facilitiesare well protected. We are going to ensure that there is no pipelinevandalism, no oil theft. It has not happened before and the people and Chevron know this quite well.”
Ojogun, whose tenure lasts till October, added “we are telling members of the public in general and Chevron in particular that there is no security threat in Benikrukru community and that there is no cause for alarm.
“We are peace-loving people of the state and the country and ours is to ensure the promotion ofthe peace and security.”
agenda of the Delta State Government.
“I am very grateful to the confidence all of you have reposed in my executives. As far as the community is still with me, I have full confidence.”

Why I chose Hinduism over Christianity – Biola Ige

Biola Ige is an epitome of beauty. She joined the industry about four years ago and already she has become one of the most-sought- after actresses in Nollywood. Recently, she suffereda terrible growth of her thyroid gland that affected her neck, tongue, complexion and ultimately her budding career.
Then, it looked as if, all was over for her. But with divine intervention, she was flown to India where an operation was successfully carried out on her. And today, Biola can live to retell her story. In this interview, she talks about the operation, the rumoured controversy between Tonto Dikeh and her new-found faith- Hinduism. Enjoy!
How did you become an actress?
I have always wanted to be an actress since I was a child. Then, I wanted to star in Hollywood movies because my dad was a movie person. As a child, I had the opportunity to watch all the hit movies produced in Hollywoodalongside my elder brother. My dad also supported my dream, but he wanted me to travel to America after my studies.
Unfortunately, when I completed my secondary education, my dadwas not as wealthy as he used to be. He couldn’t send me to America again as he promised. Asa result, there was nothing I could do. Like I said earlier, I fell in love with acting, but l wanted to act in Hollywood. When it didn’t work out because of lack of finance, l moved to Lagos aftermy University education. I went for auditions in Lagos and landed my first role in “Blindfold” produced by OJ Productions.
How many movies have you done to date?
Acquiring experience in whatever job you are doing is very vital andmy experience has helped me starin more than fifty movies and I am still counting. Yes, I have been in the industry for about four years. I am proud of my achievement. I would have starred in more than fifty movies now, if not because of my sickness that took me to India. I am back in the country though lam not looking the same again. I am grateful to God for giving me my life back.
Which role has been the most challenging in your career?
The most challenging role for me was the one I played in the movie“Blackmail”. In that movie, l played the role of a model who married a rich man. Complicationsset in when the model’s old flameshowed up as an employee in the company owned by her husband. And the situation became more complex when she fell again for the old flame who was already married to another woman. The intiruges at play were very challenging.
Which of your movies has been most financially rewarding and how much did you rake in from it?
The monetary compensation is good, but it is not the most important thing when it comes togrowing in your craft. Yes, l was rewarded for some of my jobs, but l cannot tell how much was given to me. I remember, “Blackmail”, Grand Player”, “Shakira”, “Darkest Link” and “My Fantansy”, were quite rewarding.
Is it true that you went to India toundergo an operation?
Well, I was very sick at some point in my acting career. I ran different tests because l didn’t know what was wrong with me. The test results showed I had thyroid problem. So, I travelled toIndia for treatment as well as to worship. I am sure people would think I went there for spiritual powers.I am sorry to disappoint you guys because I am not that kind of person.
What do you mean, you had a thyroid problem?
Having a thyroid problem is a grave disorder and illness. It is as a result of the expansion of the neck. It occurs when your thyroid gland over works itself or under works itself because of lackof the nutrient known as iodine.
When you said to worship, what do you mean by that?
It was an avenue for me to worship my God and yes, l worship as an Hindu. I know what you may want to say. I do not see anything wrong with following any religion of your choice. It is a free world. And I choose Hinduism.
What is your view of women who do body-enhancing jobs?
It is all about choice, so if you don’t feel good about your body and you have the money to do body makeover surgery, then do it with joy. As for me, I am good with the body God gave me. If a man doesn’t like me the way l am then he is on his own. But my only advice is that you should love yourself the way you are, there is nothing wrong with the body God gave you.
What would attract you to a man?
The way l carry myself is unique, but you can never tell what these men see in the ladies that attract them! Moreover, we all have something that should attract different men as the case maybe. Most men see things we don’t even know we possess. So, I would leave that to the men to decide what they see in me.
Did you become an Hindu when you travelled to India or while youwere in Nigeria?
I was a Hinduist before I travelledto India. I was a Christian before I changed my faith and I must tellyou I have found peace in Hinduism. And in India, I felt at home. I didn’t feel like returning to Nigeria again because everyone was so nice to me.
What is the controversy between Tonto Dike and yourself?
When I was sick, there were a lotof stories flying here and there that Tonto Dike was responsible for my sickness. But l didn’t believe it because we were not even friends before I fell sick. And why would Tonto Dike want to harm me when she has made aname for herself?
Are you in a relationship?
I don’t have time for that at the moment. I have just returned from a long break of illness and l need to make up in my career for the time I have lost.
When are we hearing the wedding bells for you?
Marriage comes naturally in the course of living and meeting people. I am not in a hurry to tie the knots. In fact, I am taking another three years to grow myself before thinking about marriage.
Some of your female colleagues are getting married to married men. Would you marry a married man?
When I am in a relationship, it takes my whole being and life. Soif I am in love, l fall hopelessly in love, hence l cannot see myself loving another woman’s husband. I cannot share my manat all with any woman as I do notshare my love.
Who are those people you admirein the industry?
I admire everyone I have worked with and my colleagues in the industry. I cannot actually mention one person as being more special to me. They are all different and special in their own ways.
Before you take up a role what doyou consider first?
I picture the role and character inmy mind’s eyes and how it is going to play out. I also consider what people would say when theysee the movie and the character Iplayed. If it will boost my image then the role is mine, if it is not good for me then l leave it.
Do you have any regret since choosing acting as a career?
I regretted not having my usual childish yearnings. I hate it when people discuss you, when they don’t even know you to guide their judgment. I hate that l cannot join the regular bus, but ldon’t care what people say when lpark to buy my regular roasted plantain known as boli. When it comes to that l don’t care what people say again!
Tell us a little about your childhood?
My childhood was awesome! I was a kid who loved to play football when I was growing up with my siblings. We went swimming in the river, climbing mango trees to pluck mangoes and all that. I was a tomboy while growing up, I never did girls stuff at all.
Are you related to the popular late Bola Ige family?
No. It is just a case of name sakes; late Bola Ige was from Oyostate, while l hail from Osun state.
Which part of your body do you consider sexiest?
Most people would say they prefer my boobs, shape and all that, but to me, I prefer my eyes. They are the mirror to my soul.
Nollywood is really evolving, with more sensual scenes. Would you take a role that involves you having sex on set?
I won’t describe it as having sex because it is drama- a make- believe world; hence everything done is not real. I would describe it as pretending to have sex. And yes I have done that in many movies, but they were never real.
How do you describe Nollywood love-making scene?
Nollywood love-making scenes are not like Hollywood where boobs and bums are exposed. In Africa, it is not in our tradition to do stuffs like that; hence the producers, directors and actors themselves are careful how they interpret such roles because of their futures.

Fleeing bunkerers abandon 1.65m litres of crude oil, 7 speed boats

About 1.65 million litres of crude oil has been intercepted by a Seaway Security outfit in the riverine communities of Ondo State from oil bunkerers.
The bunkerers who fled following the interception by the security outfit abandoned five barges, seven speed boats, 14 engines of speed boats and other instruments used for their illegal business.
Spokesman of the Gallery SecurityService Limited, Ebi Bolos told newsmen at Agadagba in Ese OdoCouncil Area that the speed boatswere reportedly stolen by the fleeing economic saboteurs.
Bolos said that the barges and thespeed boats were intercepted at the boundaries of Delta and Edo states while the smugglers were about ferrying the crude oil to theoil communities of the state to sell to unsuspecting oil dealers.
He added that “seven big boats arrested are filled with crude oil. We have seven speed boats too which we impounded. We have 14 stolen engines. We arrested them at the boundaries of Delta and Edo.
“They were bringing them from neighbouring states. From there we apprehend them because we won’t allow them to come to Ondo. We will hand them to the security agencies. Each of the big boats can contain at least 10 tankers with 33, 000 litre capacity each.
“If the government can support us we will do more. Financially we are not getting the necessary support from government. If this continues the criminal activities will stop and the country will earn more from crude because the activities of the vandals will stop.
Bolos said with the help of a “former Militant Chief Bibopiri Ajube and our men, we were ableto recover stolen engines from them which they used for bunkering business, to vandalise the pipes, collect the crude and take it to wherever they want to sell it.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Chelsea Vs QPR Today(02 wed) At 8:45pm

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech is expected to miss the visit of QPR afterinjuring himself in Sunday's win at Everton.
The Czech international was forced off at half-time with an adductor problem and his replacement Ross Turnbull will deputise at Stamford Bridge.
Midfielder John Obi Mikel missed the Goodison Park victory with a knee injury but it is not deemed serious by manager Rafael Benitez.
Gary Cahill has urged Chelsea to embrace the challenge of chasing down Manchester United and Manchester City in the race for the Barclays Premier League title.
The Blues go into 2013 four points behind champions City and a further seven adrift of leaders United with a game in hand after a rollercoaster start to the season.
Chelsea threw away a four-point lead at the end of October in an alarming slump that cost Roberto Di Matteo hisjob as manager.
But they are arguably in their best form of the campaign under interim boss Rafael Benitez, winning seven oftheir last eight games in all competitions and raising hopes of a dramatic fightback in the title stakes.
Defender Cahill said: ``We need to keep looking forward and have that challenge in the back of our head.
``We would rather have the points inthe bag, but that's another challenge we have got to face. There are plenty of games coming up.''
He added: ``I think we have good momentum.
``We have changed the team around slightly, the lads are playing well.
``We just need to keep winning games. That's the way we look at it.''
Wednesday's west London derby with QPR could see Chelsea make it 12 points from 12 over the festive period.
They also thrashed Aston Villa 8-0 in their last Stamford Bridge outing.
Cahill added: ``There is a different atmosphere in derby matches. A lot ofform goes out the window in them.
``But we are at home and I don't think many teams like to come to Stamford Bridge.
``Hopefully, we will make it very difficult for them to play on our patch.''
QPR have no fresh injury doubts.
The Rs did not pick up any new knocks in the 3-0 home defeat to Liverpool, although Park Ji-sung remains a doubt.
Strikers Andrew Johnson (knee) and Bobby Zamora (hip) are sidelined withlong-term injuries.
QPR will be able to call upon DJ Campbell again from Thursday onwards.
The 31-year-old has impressed duringa loan spell at Ipswich, netting 10 goals in 16 appearances.
The Rs have struggled for attacking options in his absence due to injuries to both Zamora and Johnson.
Campbell's earlier-than-scheduled return will boost the Hoops, who could include the striker in their FA Cup clash with West Brom on January5.

Ikpeba clears air on Twitter account

Former Nigeria international Victor Ikpeba says he never confronted West Brom striker, Osaze Odemwingie, on social network site Twitter .
Odemwingie last month vent his angerat coach Stephen Keshi and Nigerian Football Association members on Twitter after he was omitted from the Super Eagles squad for this month’s Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa.
He also slammed Ikpeba on Twitter when the 1997 African Footballer of the Year said on SuperSport that the Eagles won’t miss the services of the Edo-born player.
The drama escalated when Ikpeba Official, a Twitter account opened withIkpeba’s name and picture exchanged words with Odemwingie on the social network site.
But Ikpeba denied having a Twitter account or engaging in a clash with Odemwingie on the social network site.
“My major source of concern is that a person or some persons opened a Twitter account with my picture and name. The Twitter account name is Ikpeba Official. This person or persons have been using this Ikpeba Official account in exchanging words with the player in question on Twitter ,” Ikpeba said in a statement.
“But I make bold to state categorically here that I don’t have a Twitter account neither have I exchanged words with anybody on the social network site.
“My organisation, SuperSport , knows that I don’t operate an account on Twitter . I would rather spend my precious time with my family than confront anybody on a social network site.”
He urged the Eagles not to be distracted by the recent development, calling on them to make Nigeria proudin South Africa.
Ikpeba said, “I wish to use this opportunity to advise the Eagles officials and players to see this unfortunate development as a mere distraction.
“Instead, they should go out there andprove once again that we are the true giants of African football, irrespective of who is selected or not.”

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Adeboye predicts biggerdisasters in 2013 unless…

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch AdejareAdeboye yesterday cautioned Nigerian political leaders to learn from disasters of 2012 and take precaution soonest to avert biggerones.
Releasing his annual prophesies for the year 2013 at a cross over service to usher worshippers into the New Year at the Redemption Camp, he explained that there could be more devastating naturaldisasters like flood if necessary precautionary measures are not taken soonest to avert such calamities.
Describing the New Year as a yearof signs and wonders, he said generally, God says this year will be better than last year.
According to Pastor Adeboye before the middle of the year, many Nigerians will have reason to say hope rising, adding however, that prayers and supplication be intensified .
He told the crowd of worshippers that God spared the lives of certain individuals in the country last year because of intercessory prayers of the saints, noting “the prayers of some of you minimizeddeath of prominent Nigerians last year, don’t stop praying.”
Speaking on the prophecies for individual Nigerians, Pastor Adeboye said, “No matter the darkness around you, your star will shine brighter.
“God says, He will speak peace toyour storms; Certain individuals have been stagnated for sometimes, the reasons for your stagnation will become known, will be addressed and will be eliminated, therefore progress willfollow.”
Continuing on the individual category, Pastor Adeboye said in many senses of the word, this year will be of completeness.
On the international platform, the cleric said prominent world leaders need a lot of prayers so as not to die in office.
In addition, he said prominent Church leaders need prayers against planned scandals, even ashe said that weather conditions may get worst, much worst, unless prayers are intensified.
But there is a cheery news when Adeboye said: “We should expect a major breakthrough in medicinethis year,” concluding that nationswho pass unholy laws will have a taste of divine fury.
Earlier in a brief sermon titled; “Preparing for a year of signs andwonders”, he outlined certain principles to enable one tap into heavenly reservoir of the miraculous.
According to him, this year will bea better year than the just ended one, maintaining that the principles must include praise andworship of God, putting God first before any other consideration; evangelism; control the fullness ofyour joy, pointing out that one who is close to God can control even the weather around him.
Adeboye was very particular about the praise of God as a veritable tool for signs and wonders, noting that one can pray, study the Bible in silence but no one can praise God in silence.
The congregation applauded when he said: “You can never praise God quietly”, stressing thatpraising Him comes from a heart of gratitude and it’s not quietly.
“If they say we are crazy for shouting Hallelujah in our environment and wherever we find ourselves, then that is a goodkind of craziness,” he stated, adding that nobody says thank you to his benefactor with his mouth closed.
While assuring worshippers that 2013 is a year of doors, Adeboye said it is one thing to enter into a New Year and it is another to have a brand new beginning, hence he enjoined every Nigerian to live right with God who only has the capacity to give of His limitless bounties and guarantee all round peace and calm every storm in our lives.