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The following ten points I'm going to state are
extremely simple, yet people sometimes forget

if you're a big fan of PDA (public display of
affection), make sure you create a line and not
cross it. Whether you hold hands, kiss, lie on her
lap, just do one of these and don't make it go

Make sure both of you give each other
appropriate personal space.You're in a
relationship, it doesn't mean you start creeping
each other out.

Don't play hide and seek with their feelings. If
you have done something wrong, come clean.

Let's face it, everyone makes mistakes at some
point in their lives. So when you start a new
relationship, make sure it's new in every aspect.
Clear your past in front of your partner, so if
some day some of your past demons wake up,
nothing would decrease the love between you
two and it will also strengthen their trust in you.

You're probably saying to yourself "What sort of
slowpoke would cheat?". You'd be surprised.

Every couple fights. Some fights end quickly.
Some take time. Regardless of how long they go,
you need to keep it between the two of you. Do
NOT involve friends and family. It'll only make
you two drift apart from each other in the long

Keep one day for the two of you. It could be
thrice a month or four times a week, depends
on you. But define a day for you two when cell
phones are turned off, no work talk, no family
talk, just the two of you spending some much-
needed quality time together.

Get to know each others' friends. It never hurts
to get involved in their hangouts if they want you to.

You need to remember each others' birthdays.
And the anniversary is important too. Celebrate
each of these events with your full commitment
and effort.

This one is especially for the ladies. Ladies,
people love you, but you need to SAY what's on
your mind rather than telling them "It's Okay"
when it's really not. Keep it simple.


Steps To Forming Saving Habit And Financial-Freedom

Steps To Forming Saving Habit And

When I saw a thread yesterday of a young
man who is very uncomfortable because he
isn't saving as much as he really desires.
I have gone through that road before. I read
All the books you can think of on Money,
Finance Management, Business,
Entrepreneurship, Investment, Network
Marketing and Savings. Inshort currently I
have over 1,300 books of such books in my
private library but the truth still remains that
there are way more little (nitty gritty) things
one must put up as a new attitude in order to
break through the habit of not being able to
Below are some very most important things
(steps) you need to take to see a considerable
First and foremost, I want to first bring your
attention to the fact that MOST people still
don't know the difference between NEEDS and

Needs : this are those essential things they
you most likely can't do without I.e, transport
fare, Feeding, House rent, Certification or
Professional courses, Utility bills (PHCN, Water,
Recharge card, Internet).

Wants : this are things that we get to help us
feel better in our social life. Sometimes we
think we can't do without them or they are
very important but as soon as they are paid
for, we realize that we could have used the
money to pay for more essential things.
Examples of wants are 'excess' clothes or
fashion accessories, communication gadgets
(Phones, tablets, ipod, itouch, camera), eating
outs (eatries, pizza/shawama joints, suya
spots),excessive clubbing, Satallite TV
subscription e.t.c.
Below are immediate steps to take to curb
excess spending :

* Have at least THREE bank accounts in
different banks. If at all you want to have an
ATM card have it for ONLY one of the
accounts. One account should be for very long
term expences I.e, house building projects,
towards starting a business, planning for your
wedding,retirement plan.
The 2nd account should be for average long
term projects I.e House rent (once a year),
buying a car, Going for pilgrimage, vacation.
The 3rd account should be for your monthly
expenses I.e, transportation, recharge card,
internet, Cable TV, clothes, fueling of car/
generator, feeding, and alms giving (charity,
tithe, allowance to parents, siblings and
NOTE : you should only have an atm card for
this 3rd account and no other account.

* Have A Budget : everything in life is all
about planning, there's an adage that says
"he who fails to plan, plans to fail". Budget
and budgeting is an Extremely important part
of planning to have a profitable business,
happy marriage, successful career and every
other facet of life.
Ensure you have a budget for every single
day, week, month and even year. To be very
honest, keeping budget is a very difficult task
but with discipline and determination, it is
very possible and worthwhile.
You MUST STOP Impulse spending as that is
the only barrier between a rich man and an
average man.
A rich and successful man will NEVER enter a
shop/market/mall to pay for what wasn't
initially on is to buy list no matter how fine or
attractive the item is, unless he thinks he is
getting it far cheaper than the usual price.

* Have more friends who are more Business
inclined than Social inclined : if. I tell you
today that this is the MAIN reason why some
people will most likely never have a
breakthrough in life.

"Show me your friends and......" Also "Birds of
a feather......".
As funny or strange as it may sound, you will
NEVER find the likes of Dangote, Jimoh
Ibrahim, Jim Ovia, Tony Elemelu, Otedola and
others going to a social gathering or event
without the intention of coming out from that
event being more successful. They always and
only go to events to Network (expand their
business horizon), track than someone of
great relevance to them (I.e, a top Custom
Boss, CBN director, Governor, Minister and
the rest). If They weigh their option and see
such invent will not benefit their business and
financial status, trust me, even if Queen of
England or Obama will be present they will
not step foot there.
So many of us today gather friends (majority
of whom are not useful) just as a symbol to
prove how social and friendly we are.
people have been going to Viweing centre
every single saturday for the past 10years to
argue about EPL matches and all through thos
years they have NEVER benefited one single
positive thing be it contract, admission,
business or finance from the people they
meet there and yet they still claim they can't
do without going to viewing centers to watch
match. The people you have been going to
scream your voice out are getting paid and
become richer whereas the same can't be
said about you

Avoid Friends and Family Who always make
you spend : If you have friends who always
encourage you to eat out rather that
preparing home made meals, to go to the
cinemas, malls, events / shows e.t.c. This are
the type of people you should urgently avoid.
When your friends want you to attend all the
Musical and comedy shows, film premiers,
cultural and sporting events, this are thing
that unknown to you wipe out money from
your pockets than you can imagine.
Imagine going to at least 3 shows in a month
which the cheapest ticket you bought per
show is N5,000. That's approximately
N15,000. Yes it looks small but have you ever
sat to imagine those long lasting things
N15,000 could get you? It could get you
company shares, few bags of cement and
blocks, microwave oven, vacum cleaner, deep
fryer, so many beneficial and life changing
books to mention a few.

* Before you spend on anything always ask
yourself "if this item is really need and if yes,
how will it change my life" : just like so many
arguments we get into, so many spendings we
make are absolutely not necessary, if you
can't get excited for an item you paid for
after 3months then that items isn't (wasn't)
really needed in the first place.

* Never Buy things because they are in
vogue : There's always a newer version of
every phone, tablet, Laptop, car, wristwatch,
hand bag, jewellery you buy. If you have a
blackberry bold 4 that is working perfectly,
why want to buy a Bold 5, 6, touch 1,2 and 3
Z10 and iphone 5 just to prove to people you
are a big boy or girl.
Don't forget those people producing these
things keep producing the same thing (with
extremely few changes) just to remain in
business, pay staff and make profit. Using a
phone for a whole year or more doesn't make
you less of a successful person.
Have you noticed that most employees use
phones far more expensive than their
employers? Does is now prove they are more
successful than their employers? The answer
is NO!
Most people acquire things thinking they can
get respect and honor from it whereas a
successful person let's his/her her bank
statement, investment and connection speak
for them.

* Never always be the one to foot the bills
when you go outing with friends : I learned
this a very long time ago. When you go out
socializing with friends never be the one to
always foot the bill. It is always better to have
an agreement with everyone that each person
should pay for whatever they ordered. It
doesn't make you stingy or callous, it only
means you are financially intelligent. You will
be amazed to discover that so many people
never get to eat or drink as much or
expensive when they are being for it by
themselves. A guy who averagely drinks 5
FREE bottles of beer will only order for one
and sip on it for over 2 hours when he knows
he is the one to pay for his drink.

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7 Women You Should Never Date

7 Women You Should Never Date

Some things are better left untouched and
some women are better left single. No matter
how inviting and perfect any of these women
seem, you should try your best and keep your
distance, you will thank us later.
We are going to give you a list of women you
should not date and you should remember
that to every rule, there is an exception.
In general, stay away from these women if
and when you come across any of them.

1- Your Best Friend's Sister
This rarely goes well, be it in Nollywood,
Hollywood or real life. Remember Tony
Montana in Scarface? To the girls it is not a
big deal to go out with their brother’s friend,
but guys remember, it is not a good idea, and
make sure you do not allow the ladies folks
lure you into such a relationship.
Guys, your friend does not want you close to
his sister probably because he knows your
mode of operation and he does not want his
sister to become a name in your hall of fame.
Besides that, would it not be awkward for you
to start sharing relationship details with your
girlfriend’s brother
Remember, if you are really serious, talk to
your friend about it first. And even if he
approves, be ready to lose that friendship.
You win the girl and lose a friend
Worst case scenario, you break her heart and
you get into a fight with your best friend, you
lose the girl and a friend.

2- The ex-girlfriend
There is a reason why she is your ex, you
should never forget that. You might be
tempted go back to your ex whenever you are
bored, lonely or Hot.
As a rule, you never go back to your ex-
girlfriends. It is like the proverbial going back
to your vomit.
You might start to get nostalgic and all, but
you should remember that there was a reason
she is in your past and that should be the
same reason she should remain there.

3- 6- The high-maintenance piranha
If your income is trailing behind her needs
then it would be a good idea to tie up your
shoe lace and run for your dear life and
money. At first, you might kid yourself into
thinking that as time goes by her needs are
going to dwindle. You continue to kid yourself
until you realize that her goal of this girl is to
bankrupt your future.
It is almost impossible to have a relationship
without spending money, but if her love for
you is going to be on a per-second-billing then
you should also know that you will be
disconnected when you run out of “airtime”
and she is going to “port” to the next guy with
the most cash.

4- Your co-worker
Your co-worker is one girl that should not be
on your radar when searching for a
You could lose your job because of this girl
and she might dump you three days you were
fired for having an affair with her. There is
also the risk that you two might get carried
away and indulge in acts meant for the
bedroom, with the hopes that you won’t be
Even if you do not get fired because of her,
you might create unnecessary enemies,
especially when she is hot and everybody
wants her, including your boss.
She is also going to be a huge source of
distraction. There is also going to be that
awkward week/month that you would have to
endure after you break up with her.
And just in case she is the boss’ daughter, it is
a huge no-no

5- In a relationship
When a girl is already in a relationship before
you meet her, the best thing for you is to
leave her alone. There is no way it is going to
turn out good.
If a girl is in a relationship before you met
her, and she still agrees to date you, what
does that tell you? Yes, she is not the faithful
type and definitely not a keeper.
If she is in a relationship and refused to go
out with you because she is in a relationship,
then that is a trait you should admire, too
bad she is not faithful to you. And you should
not wait by the corner waiting for another
man’s relationship to crash.
Even if you decide to be just friends, you
already like her, and might put her
relationship with the other guy in jeopardy.

6- Narcissist
Everybody girl deserves some attention from
her lover (to show her that you love her).
Some girls just think that the world is a stage
and they are the star. When she talks, she
wants everybody to listen, when she is in
trouble, everybody should console her. She
wants to be the center of your life, having no
regard for your sibling, parents, friends and
sometimes even your job. She is ready to
anything for special attention; cry, play victim,
lie, just about anything. As long as you supply
her with an unending supply of attention she
if okay.
At first, you would be flattered that you mean
so much to somebody and then she would
begin to sap the living being out of you, the
stress would make look twice your age and if
you do not get away from such a girl in time,
you might just visit your ancestors a lot earlier
than you planned.

7- The Underage
It does not matter how big the girl appears, or
how matured she seems. As long as a girl is
below 18 in Nigeria, she is clearly off limits.
Except of course, your picture in a National
Newspaper and a jail sentence sounds like fun
to you.
When in doubt about her age, ask her or
people that really know her. Now how can you
read our blog if you are in prison?

Arsenal jeers won’t annoy Van Persie – Ferguson

Manchester United
manager Alex Ferguson says he has no
concerns about the prospect of Robin van
Persie facing abuse from fans of his
former club Arsenal when the teams clash
at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday.
Van Persie left Arsenal in an acrimonious
£24 million ($37 million, 28 million euros)
transfer last year and has been a
revelation in his first season at Old
His hat-trick at home to Aston Villa on
Monday took his tally for the campaign to
24 league goals and secured the title for
United, which Arsenal have pledged to
acknowledge by forming a guard of
honour for the visiting team.
The sight of Van Persie being applauded
on to the pitch as a league champion by
his former team-mates is liable to provoke
strong feelings among the Arsenal support,
but Ferguson believes the Dutchman will
not be fazed.
“I don’t bother about it, and I don’t think
Robin should bother about it either,” said
the United manager.
“There was a bit of booing when he
played (against Arsenal) at Old Trafford,
and I expect a portion of fans will do that.
That is the modern generation, I am
“For Arsenal to have one of their players
go to their biggest rivals of the last 20
years doesn’t sit well with their fans, nor
Arsene (Wenger, the Arsenal manager) for
that matter.
“But it does happen. You just have to
move on. Arsenal have moved on now.
They are challenging for a Champions
League place and have every chance of
getting one.”
Ferguson has urged United to go on and
break the Premier League points record of
96 by winning their four remaining games,
but Sunday’s showdown will be of far
greater significance to the fight for
Champions League qualification.
Arsenal, in third, fourth-place Chelsea,
and fifth-place Tottenham Hotspur are
currently separated by just two points, but
Wenger’s side are at a disadvantage as
they have played a game more than both
of their rivals.
However, their form is excellent, with six
wins in their last seven matches, and
Wenger believes his side’s performances
prove that Van Persie has not been unduly
“What you want to focus on is that when
the big players go, you just want to get
around it and try to find a new
organisation that is efficient,” he said
“You always miss a big player. The only
thing I can say is it took us a while to get
around it, but if you look at the number
of goals we’ve scored, it’s similar to last
season (1.91 goals per game compared to
“It took us a while to find a different way
because the game went through him (Van
Persie) a lot. We had to find a new
balance between defending and attacking,
but now we are stabilised.”
Wenger finds himself with another striker-
shaped hole to fill ahead of Sunday’s
game, as Olivier Giroud is suspended after
he lost an appeal against the red card he
received in last weekend’s 1-0 win at
In the Frenchman’s absence, Theo Walcott
and Lukas Podolski will compete for the
right to spearhead the home side’s attack.
United have no fresh injury concerns,
although midfielders Paul Scholes and
Ashley Young remain unavailable.
Ferguson has dismissed suggestions he
might elect to field a weakened side and
says he will select his strongest available
team out of “duty” to Arsenal’s rivals in
the battle for a top-four finish.
United have enjoyed a superb record
against Arsenal in recent seasons, winning
nine and losing just one of their last 11
encounters in all competitions.