Monday, 27 May 2013

5 Ways To Increase Your Intelligence

1. Minimize Television Watching – This is a
hard sell. People love vegetating in front of
the television, myself included more often
than I’d like. The problem is watching
television doesn’t use your mental capacity OR
allow it to recharge. It’s like having the energy
sapped out of a muscle without the health
benefits of exercise.
Don’t you feel drained after a couple hours of
TV? Your eyes are sore and tired from being
focused on the light box for so long. You don’t
even have the energy to read a book.
When you feel like relaxing, try reading a book
instead. If you’re too tired, listen to some
music. When you’re with your friends or
family, leave the tube off and have a
conversation. All of these things use your
mind more than television and allow you to

2. Exercise – I used to think that I’d learn
more by not exercising and using the time to
read a book instead. But I realized that time
spent exercising always leads to greater
learning because it improves productivity
during the time afterwards. Using your body
clears your head and creates a wave of
energy. Afterwards, you feel invigorated and
can concentrate more easily.

3. Read Challenging Books – Many people like
to read popular suspense fiction, but
generally these books aren’t mentally
stimulating. If you want to improve your
thinking and writing ability you should read
books that make you focus. Reading a classic
novel can change your view of the world and
will make you think in more precise, elegant
English. Don’t be afraid to look up a word if
you don’t know it, and don’t be afraid of
dense passages. Take your time, re-read
when necessary, and you’ll soon grow
accustomed to the author’s style.
Once you get used to reading challenging
books, I think you’ll find that you aren’t
tempted to go back to page-turners. The
challenge of learning new ideas is far more
exciting than any tacky suspense-thriller.

4. Early to Bed, Early to Rise – Nothing makes
it harder to concentrate than sleep
deprivation. You’ll be most rejuvenated if you
go to bed early and don’t sleep more than 8
hours. If you stay up late and compensate by
sleeping late, you’ll wake up lethargic and
have trouble focusing. In my experience the
early morning hours are the most tranquil and
productive. Waking up early gives you more
productive hours and maximizes your mental
acuity all day.
If you have the opportunity, take 10-20
minute naps when you are hit with a wave of
drowsiness. Anything longer will make you
lethargic, but a short nap will refresh you.

5. Take Time to Reflect – Often our lives get
so hectic that we become overwhelmed
without even realizing it. It becomes difficult
to concentrate because nagging thoughts keep
interrupting. Spending some time alone in
reflection gives you a chance organize your
thoughts and prioritize your responsibilities.
Afterwards, you’ll have a better understanding
of what’s important and what isn’t. The
unimportant stuff won’t bother you anymore
and your mind will feel less encumbered

Friday, 24 May 2013

Naeto C Quits Storm Records

In the last 15 months, the Nigerian
entertainment scene has witnessed more label
shakedowns than we could have ever
imagined. And the breakup season isn’t over

Rapper Naetochukwu Chikwe better known as
Naeto C has ended his relationship with Storm
Records, the music home where he launched
his career into the Nigerian music market.
NET investigations have revealed that the
rapper plans to fully launch his WKG/Cerious
Music label in a matter of months.
Unlike the many breakups that have preceded
Naeto’s, the rapper’s exit is not battlemented;
both parties have been very silent about the
issue. As a matter of fact, Storm Records insist
that the rapper is still signed with them.
One of the label’s directors Tola Odunsi
admits that Naeto has had his own record
label Cerious Music for a while but is still with
‘Naeto has had his record label for a while at
least 3 years it’s called Cerious Music – his
music is being pushed as a joint venture btw
storm 360 and Cerious Music. Nothing has
changed’, Odunsi responded to our enquiry
via E-mail.
Naeto C’s profile is still active on the Storm
Records official website but then again, we
can’t take that seriously as General Pype (an
artiste who has since parted ways with the
label) also has his profile on the website.
An inside source however says Naeto has
indeed left and his upcoming project will not
be released under the Storm Records imprint.
One insider said: ‘It is true Naeto started
Cerious Music a few years back but the launch
of his new outfit WKG (meaning White Kaftan
Gang) will see him act fully as an independent
WKG kicked off in the middle of 2012 with the
launch of his ‘Tony Montana (Bad pass)’ video
featuring D’banj. We are told he also plans to
sign Lagos producer E-Kelly.
Storm Records was also not listed as one of
the organizers of his first ever solo US tour
which ran from late March to early May 2013.
Naeto who remains silent on the issue (he
refused to reply our E-mail messages) has
been busy though: he welcomed his first child
while on tour in the US and returned to
Nigeria to seal a deal with telecoms company
Globacom as an ambassador. Popular artiste
manager Godwin Tom also says Naeto is his
new client.
Naeto joined Storm Records in 2006, returning
from the US where he had already formed a
rap group with close friend Ikechukwu and his
younger brother Uzikwendu called ‘World
Famous Akademy’. With the smash hit single
‘Kini big deal’, he released his debut album
‘You Know my P’ in 2008; parted ways with
Ikechukwu who left Strorm in 2010 and then
released a successful second album ‘Super C
Season’ in February 2011.
Storm Records headed by Obi Asika and Olisa
Adibua (the pair are currently in a legal battle)
have in the past signed an impressive long list
of acts including Jazzman Olofin, Darey, GT
the Guitarman, 2shotz, General Pype. They
currently have on their roaster rappers Sasha,
Yung6ix, Pop singer Ms Jaie, Urban-Pop group
L.O.S and gospel singer Tosin Martins.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Wizkid Unveils Artists Under "Starboy

Wizkid posted this on his profile and right now,
everyone seems to be happy as he is pushing
his dream of raising talented acts in Nigeria, in
the photo above, starting from the left Maleek
berry, Legendary Beats, Wizkid, Mutayo, Here is
what he posted below
Wizkidayo: It's abt to be a big year! #StarBoy
Congrats to him we wish him the very best,
After he drops his new mixtape under E.M.E, he
will then pursue his career under Star boy
entertainment, we hear this is the last under
Banky W