Wednesday, 26 December 2012

D'banj Vs Don Jazzy : Power Tussle Or Ethnicity

These guys were role models to manywhen it comes to keeping friendships and understanding each other, no one ever saw a ''break-up'' coming.Now they both own their own record labels; D'banj owns DB records while Don Jazzy owns the MAVIN music label.
From the proper look of things, i Believe D'banj might have caused the whole trouble cause check this, No other member of Mo'hits decamped along with D'banj except his brother,Kswitch, Wande coal of all people who was tight with d'banj did not even go.some sources say D'banj after the kanye west deal wanted full ownership of the now disbanded Mo'hits record label.
On the issue of Power tussle, recently Don jazzy on micro blogging site, Twitter announced the birth of his club ''Pop'' some hours later D'banj announced his. At the just concluded rhythm unplugged a lot of artists who perfomed at the show, made shout outs to don jazzy and appreciated his presence,when D'banj and his brother, K-switch came to perform, they did not even look towards don jazzy,they just performed and left.
On the issue of Ethnicity, I Believe D'banj might have been thinking that Don jazzy was using ''ibo man'' sense for him by taking the larger share of revenue when they were together in Mo'hits, but Don jazzy was the music producer,manager and sometimes a back-up singer. since D'banj was the only one who left the label even though he had some fellow tribesmenin the label, ethnicity can be ruled out!
I can say any much but i used to love when these guys were together, their music made a lot of sense, now they are apart i am yet to listen to a sequelproduced from either of their respective labels.

Send in your thoughts and criticism, they will be helpful!

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