Sunday, 11 August 2013

Fashola Is A Gift To Nigeria - IBB

Former military dictator, Ibrahim Badamosi
Babangida has described Governor Fashola as
a gift to Nigeria. HE made the remarks during
a courtesy call on the Goveernor to
sympathize with him on the passing of his
father, Ademola Fashola.
Speaking during the visit at Lagos House,
Marina, IBB said, “In Islam, we do pray for
long life but long life does not mean living for
100 years or 500 years. We are gratified that
Papa left and he left one important gift, that
is Governor Raji Fashola. So we are grateful
that God has spared his life to see a Governor
that everybody respects in this country and I
also pray that one of your children will also
take the footsteps you have taken after Papa”.
Also present at the meeting was Abdulsalami
Abubakar, who declared, “I keep saying that
without peace, there wouldn’t be any country,
without peace, there wouldn’t be people and
without peace there wouldn’t be means of
Speaking in response to the retired Generals,
Fashola prayed for peace in the country and
said he hoped the promise of Nigeria will
come alive during their lifetimes.
He said, “I hope that the leadership that you
both provide for this country will continue to
endure and that through that leadership,
much more enduring peace would spread
around this country and that the promise of
this country will come to pass in your