Sunday, 12 August 2012

2015: First female minister route for female presidency

Ahead of the 2015 general election, the first female minister in Nigeria, Ambassador Ebunoluwa Oyagbola,
on Saturday in Abuja called for
the election of a female
president, saying it would bring
positive developments in the
She also called for more respect
and commendation for ex-
President Shehu Shagari who,
despite protest by politicians in
Ogun State, made her the
Minister of National Planning.
The 81-year-old former
Ambassador to Mexico spoke
with journalists in Abuja at a
workshop organised with the
theme, ‘Effective leadership
through attitudinal healing’
organised by the Centre for
Attitudinal Healing.
She decried the fact that despite
women’s ingenuity, their
appointment into public offices
was always seen as a
compensation for sexual
Oyagbola said, “I want my fellow
women here today to remember
Shagari as the first president to
consider women as worthy for
any position in Nigeria.”
She noted that once a woman is
dedicated to a cause, nothing
can hinder her from
accomplishing it.
The former minister said, “We
have started having some very
corrupt women. But that
notwithstanding, you will agree
with me that when a woman is
dedicated to doing something,
nothing can stop her.”
Oyegbola attributed corruption
to fear of the unknown which
drives people to accumulate
wealth for future.
Also speaking, the President,
Centre for Attitudinal Change, Mr.
Mike Omotoso, stated that
“Attitudinal healing is highly
regarded by the academic and
professional community as an
effective therapeutic approach
for individuals, groups, and
organisations. It is neither
religious nor dogmatic, and it
does not conflict with any
spiritual or religious orientation,
but instead, it often enhances

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