Thursday, 30 August 2012

Suspected ritualists behead 16-yr-old girl in Anambra

A 16 year-old
Miss Nwanneka Odah
was, yesterday,
beheaded by a three -
man gang suspected to
be ritual killers at
Nawfia in Njikoka Local
Government Area of
Anambra State.
This came as the Awka
branch manager of a
new generation bank,
(name withheld), Mr.
Tochukwu Nnadi, was
yesterday kidnapped
about 7.30am on his
way to the office.
Nwanneka was said to
be hawking
groundnuts along the
Nawfia –Awka road
close to Nawfia
Secondary School
when the three young
men allegedly
pretended as if they
wanted to buy
groundnuts from her
only for one of them to
use a machete to cut
off her head when she
bent down to sell the
groundnuts to them.
A relation of the
deceased, Mr. Friday
Ogalagu described the
situation as terrible,
lamenting that he had
never seen such a thing
in his life.
He said: “I was not
there when it
happened, but I was
told that my cousin
was stopped by three
men who said they
wanted to buy
groundnuts. While two
of them were on the
road side, the third,
who dressed like a
mad man was standing
When the girl bent
down to put the
ground nuts for them,
the one close by
brought out what
somebody said looked
like an axe and
beheaded the girl. An
Okada rider plying the
road who saw what
happened stopped and
the three men ran into
the bush, leaving their
victim whose head was
already severed,
struggling for life.”
Ogalagu said that it
was when people
began to make
inquiries about the
parents of the girl that
he was contacted.
According to Ogalagu
who claimed to be
training the girl since
childhood, the body
had been deposited at
the Amaku General
Hospital in Awka, while
the parents who live in
Ebonyi had been
Anambra State Police
Public Relations Officer,
PPRO, Mr. Raphael
Uzoigwe, confirmed
the incident, saying the
matter had been
referred to the State
Criminal Investigation
Department, CID, for
Banker kidnapped in
A staff in the bank said
there had not been any
contact with the
kidnappers, lamenting
that the incident had
put fears among
It was gathered that
the abductors waited
for their victim in two
cars at the Iyiagu area
of the capital city with
doors of their cars
opened and as he
drove close to the area,
they used one of the
cars to block him and
dragged him out of his
car into their own and
drove off.
The State Police
Command, however
said the matter had
not been reported to it
at the time of filing the
Police spokesman, Mr.
Raphael Uzoigwe, told
reporters that he had
made contacts with the
Central Police Station
and the B-division in
the command, claiming
no such case was

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