Monday, 13 August 2012

Fulani threaten to withdraw cattle from market

Kogi State chapter
of Miyette Allahi Cattle
Breeders Association of
Nigeria, MACBAN, has
threatened to withdraw its
animals from the state
markets over harassment
and arrest of its members by
the police.
Chairman of the association,
Alhaji Shuabu Idrisa,
weekend, after a
stakeholders meeting
between Fulani Ardos and
Miyette Allah cattle breeders
on problems affecting them,
said the threat to withdraw
cattle had become necessary
following the way security
agents were arresting their
youths, women and cows in
the event of robbery on the
He added that they were
made to pay huge sums of
money to secure their
release, a development, he
said, had made some of its
members to move to South-
West, where they are not
harassed or taunted as Boko
He said: “If there is any
robbery on the highway,
security agents will swoop
on all Fulani settlements in
that area and arrest their
people, including cows. But
when a bank is robbed in
town, people of the town are
not arrested.
“Also once they see any
Fulani man ridding Okada,
they will arrest him, calling
him Boko Haram and, in the
process, extort him.”
He alleged that people always
kill any cattle that mistakenly
enters their farmland in the

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