Monday, 27 August 2012

FAZE: I'm Searching for My Wife

He made his name as one
of the members of the
defunct plantashuz boiz
that also produced singers
like Tuface Idibia and
Blackface. He’s been
underground for a while
until recently when he
signed a management
deal with Now Muzik. He is
now out with his new
album, titled Refazed.
Born Chibuzor Orji, Faze as
he’s widely known talks to
GBENGA BADA about his
new effort
What has been happening
to Faze?
Faze has been busy. I have
been working on my new
project - The Refazed
Album Project - which is
out now. Before that, I
took some time out to
evaluate myself as an
individual and as an
artiste and lastly the
entertainment industry.
The result of all of that is
what gave birth to the
term ‘ Refazed’. So, it’s safe
to say I have been
refazing. During that time,
I also starred in a movie
titled, Alero’s symphony.
What influenced the
decision to sign a
management deal with
Now Muzik?
I signed a deal with Now
Muzik because of the
impact they have on the
careers of artistes they
have managed and
currently do.
Tell us more about your
latest album?
The recording of the
Refazed album was
challenging because I had
to take time out to listen
to new sounds and learn
more about recent trends
while not losing my focus.
The album is diverse in
content; it consists of R&B,
Reggae, Afro Pop ,Pop and
other genres. I also did an
Igbo song and featured
Vector, Blackface and
2Face in separate tracks.
You’ve been in the
industry for over a decade.
What is your take on the
The industry has improved
immensely. New acts, new
labels, new ideas spring
up everyday. Above all,
the entertainment
industry is becoming a
force to reckon with all
over Africa and structures
are being put in place here
and there to ensure we
get the best from our
efforts in the nearest
Have you feared well since
you began?
I would say I have fared
well. But I am looking to
do better. The minute you
get comfortable with
where you are in life is
when you fail to progress.
Financially, how have you
Monetarily, I would say I
can do much better. The
industry has more
opportunities today
compared to earlier days.
Who really is Faze?
Hmmm, Faze is a simple
guy who likes real people
and appreciates hard work
and honesty.
When would you be tying
the nuptial knot?
Nuptial Knot? when the
time is right but I’m
searching now though.
What has the response
been since your album
The response to the
Refazed album has been
totally positive and
inspiring. In terms of
media support, sales and
comments. I would like to
use this medium to thank
everyone who has
contributed to the Refazed

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