Monday, 27 August 2012

Expendables 2 Continues to Top Box Office

Expendables 2 has
continued its grip on the
North American box office
chart, holding onto the
number one spot for a
second consecutive week.
The movie, which sees
action stars including
Sylvester Stallone, Arnold
Schwarzenegger and
Bruce Willis reunite, took
$13.5m (£8.5m), reports
the BBC.
The Bourne Legacy
remained at two in its
third week of release, with
Stop-motion comedy
ParaNorman, about a boy
who helps save his town
from a zombie invasion,
was at three.
Typical of late summer
openings, other new
releases performed
weakly in the chart.
Thriller Premium Rush,
starring Joseph Gordon
Levitt as a bike messenger
chased through New York
by a policeman who
wants an envelope he's
carrying, opened at seven
with $6.3m.
And low-budget road-
chase comedy Hit & Run,
starring real-life couple
Dax Shepard and Kristen
Bell, entered at 10 with
With less competition
from big Hollywood films,
it allowed anti-President
Barack Obama
documentary, 2016:
Obama's America, to land
at number eight.
After opening in limited
release in July, it expanded
nationwide ahead of the
Republican National
Convention to formally
nominate Mitt Romney as
Obama's challenger in the
presidential race.
The film is a conservative
critique envisioning what
the US would look like
four years from now if
Obama was re-elected.
"It's extremely rare for a
documentary to break into
the top 10, but August can
be a land of opportunity
for smaller films," Paul
Dergarabedian, box office
analyst for
"Also, there's the fact that
this is a very conservative
film. Normally, it's Michael
documentaries, the liberal
documentaries, that make
all the money."
The film has so far taken
$9.1m domestically, but
the figure is still far away
from other political
documentaries - Moore's
Fahrenheit 9/11 opened at
number one with $23.9m
in June 2004, and went on
to become the US's top-
grossing documentary
taking $119.1m.

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