Sunday, 12 August 2012

Suspected cultist stabs friend to death in Warri

A student of Federal
Polytechnic, Auchi in Edo
State (names withheld),
suspected to be a cult
member, has stabbed a 300-
level student of the
Department of Business
Education, Delta State
University, Abraka, Solomon
Onyeoghani, 24, to death in
The 29-year-old suspected
cultist allegedly killed his
friend with a broken bottle
on suspicion that he stole his
internet modern and went
into hiding after the theft.
The sad incident occurred at
a house on Osamede Street,
Okumagba Avenue, Warri,
Delta State, weekend.
Source said the suspect laid
siege to Solomon’s house
and pounced on him, while
he was heading to his
mother’s shop.
It was gathered that
Solomon took to his heels on
sighting the suspect, but the
suspect chased and stabbed
him severally on the neck
and other parts of the body.
Sympathisers were said to
have rushed the victim to the
hospital, who was
abandoned in a pool of
blood, to a nearby clinic, but
he gave up the ghost before
help could come.
At the residence of the
victim’s parents, yesterday,
his mother was seen
weeping while were
sympathisers consoling her.
She called on government to
bring the killer of her son to
Her husband, Mr. Augustine
Onyeoghani and the only
surviving daughter bore a
look of melancholy.
Mr. Onyeoghani said: “The
problem started on Tuesday
when my son told me what
happened. I went to
Chukwuka’s father to tell him
because we are neighbours
and we come from the same
local government (Ika North
East). The father promised to
call his son to order. I
personally called him
(Chukwuka) on phone and
he told me that he was not
around. When he eventually
came on Friday, he came to
my house and the only thing
he came to tell me was that
he was going to kill my son.
This happened around
“Not up to one hour that the
boy left, Solo returned from
College of Education Warri,
where he is running a
programme in Business
Education, Delta State
University Abraka
programme. Immediately he
(Solo) came in, he told me
that his sister was calling
him from the store. Not up to
20 minutes that he left the
house, someone came to tell
me that Solomon was dead. I
did not know that the boy
meant to kill my son. They
did not fight. The boy rushed
out from nowhere and
started stabbing him with
broken bottle. He stabbed
him severally on the neck.”
Mr. Onyeoghani accused the
mother of suspect of not
helping matters, saying it
was in her presence that her
son rushed out to attack his
son, alleging “The mother of
Chukwuka did not help
matters at all. It was in her
presence that his son was
threatening to kill my son
and she said nothing.
She even threatened to go to
their village to swear juju if
my son refuse to bring out
the modem. However, my
son said he did not steal any
modem. They just killed my
son for nothing. The boy has
since run out of town, but I
know he cannot run forever.
All I want is for the law to
take its course. My son
cannot just die like that.”

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