Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Google Takes Internet Access to Ibadan Varsity

Google Nigeria has
announced the launch of
‘Google Apps Supporting
Programs’ (GASP) for the
University of Ibadan at a
ceremony held at the
university campus.
The event was attended
by principal officers and
the management team of
the university and its
information and
technology services
Department, including the
Vice-Chancellor of the
University, Prof. Isaac
The GASP initiative helps
increase usage of the
Internet and Google Apps
in sub-Saharan African
universities. With the
launch, all students from
the university will have
access to a lifetime email
address and
up to 25 Giga Byte of
storage space.
The programme provides
the Google Apps for
Education suite and
strengthens the existing
ICT services of
participating universities
through a combination of
infrastructure grants,
technical consulting and
training. Through the
integration of Google’s
tools into university
processes and student life,
GASP aims to increase
productivity and offer
cutting-edge world-class
collaboration solutions to
the academic world.
According to Adewole,
deploying Google Apps
meant that students had
access to a platform that
offers the best integration
and collaborative
He said: “Through the
deployment, all students
will have access to their
emails from every part of
the campus.”
Google Programme
Manager for sub-Saharan
Africa, Ego Obi, said: “We
are excited and honoured
to partner the university
to launch email powered
by Google, which is one of
the many Apps in the
Google Apps for Education
suite. We hope that the
development will foster
better communication and
collaboration within the
university community
enabling teaching,
learning and research.”
She also added, “We want
to get more and more
Nigerians users online by
improving access to the
Internet and helping
universities like University
of Ibadan to take
advantage of the Internet
many opportunities
aligning with its vision to
be a world class institution
for academic excellence.
We look forward to
partnering more local
universities, and
encourage any interested
parties to visit our
Google Apps for Education
has been deployed in over
100 universities across
sub-Saharan Africa to
hundreds of thousands of
students and university
faculties, including South
Africa, Ghana, Senegal,
Kenya and Uganda.

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