Friday, 31 August 2012

K Solo, wife re-unite, deny feud

If you think music
producer, K-Solo and
wife, Kikelomo are still
on the war path and
are living separately,
you may be in for a
The couple has since
buried the hatchet and
they are living as
husband and wife
again. Kikelomo made
this revelation while
speaking on Channels
Television during an
interview session.
According to K-Solo
and Kikelomo, the
story of their marriage
break-up was all a
publicity stunt.
They claimed stories
about their breakup
were cooked up as
they were ‘just having
“Nothing really
happened. We were
just having fun,”
Kikelomo said during
an exclusive interview
with Channels
K-Solo also agreed with
her claim and spoke
against her prior
accusations of being
physically assaulted by
her husband.
According to him, “I’m
a showbiz person, If I
don’t do singing, I can
do acting. What you
guys actually saw was
acting. A lot of people
were taking Panadol
for another man’s
headache. But on the
long run it was getting

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