Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Train crushes danfo bus in Lagos

An accident involving
a train and a danfo bus
occurred, yesterday, at the
Ajayi Farm railway crossing
in Ikeja, Lagos, injuring four
persons, among them, a
pregnant woman.
Unconfirmed report said
one person died during the
The incident happened
barely two days after a
similar one also involving a
commercial bus occurred at
the same spot, where several
persons reportedly sustained
An eye-witnesses account
said yesterday’s incident
occurred about 7a.m. with
the train colliding with the
vehicle with number-plate XF
899 FGG which was driving
towards Ikeja.
The impact of the collision
flung the vehicle with its four
passengers – a pregnant
woman and three men – to
the front of The Christian
Dominion Ministry building at
26 Adegbola Street,
The pregnant woman,
according to eye-witnesses,
was bleeding as at the time
she was taken to the hospital
alongside other
passengers,where doctors
were said to be battling to
save their lives.
When Vanguard arrived the
scene, the affected vehicle
which had its windscreen
shattered, was dripped with
blood stains inside. It was
glaring that the train hit the
vehicle from the driver’s side.
The incident caused a
stampede as everyone fled
for dear life. But the train did
not stop. Officials of the
Railway Service were sighted
at the scene.
Another eyewitness, who
gave his name as Mr. Gbenro
Bangbe, blamed the drivers
of the train and vehicle,
saying: “The bus driver was
not patient enough to let the
train pass while the train
driver did not hoot his horn
to alert vehicles that might
be driving through the
Vanguard gathered that a
similar incident occurred
Monday on same spot, after a
train collided with a
commercial bus,where
several persons reportedly
sustained varying degrees of
“On that day, the bus was
dragged all the way to the
bridge by the train. A lot of
people sustained injuries
and were rushed to the
Ikeja general hospital. It is
the same driver that drove
the train on Monday that
also drove today. He does
not hoot the horn like other
drivers do”, an eye witness
Meanwhile, commercial
motorcyclists plying the
route have called on the state
government to device
measures aimed at
preventing a re-occurrence.

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