Tuesday, 21 August 2012

9 year-old-boy electrocuted in Abuja

A nine- year-old son
of Alhaji Sani Abubakar,
Abuja Bureau Chief of
Newsday Newspaper, was,
yesterday morning,
Vanguard learnt that the boy
left his family house in
Jukwei area of Abuja to State
Security Service, SSS, quarters,
also in Jukwei, in the early
hours of Monday to feed his
Pigeon, when he met with
his untimely death.
According to eyewitness
account, the boy climbed an
over-head water tank
platform to feed the Pigeon
when he slipped. In an
attempt to regain balance, he
was said to have held on to a
live electric cable belonging
to Power Holding Company
of Nigeria, PHCN.
It was gathered that
residents of the quarters,
who knew his parents,
rushed to inform his father,
Alhaji Abubakar, who
mobilised men to bring
down the boy’s body.
Abubakar, who is Vice
Chairman of Federal Capital
Territory Administration,
FCTA, Press Corps, said:
“Because of his love for the
Pigeons, I instructed him to
remove them from the
compound so he can
concentrate on his studies.
“Unknown to me, he kept
the Pigeons at the SSS
quarters, which is not far
from my house. He woke
early this morning and went
straight to look after his pets.
I was woken up from sleep
to be informed of the sad
event and rushed to the

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