Sunday, 26 August 2012

Rights group kicks against N5,000 notes, state police

Forum for
Justice and Human
Rights Defence, FJHR,
has kicked against the
proposed introduction
of N5,000 currency
denomination by
Central Bank of Nigeria,
CBN. It also condemned
calls for state police,
noting that it was
capable of worsening
the already bad
security and human
right situations in the
National Co-ordinator,
of the group, Mr.
Oghenejabor Ikimi, in a
statement in Asaba,
Delta State, yesterday,
said: “We make bold to
say that economically,
there is no sense in
embarking on such
suicidal venture of
N5000 bill, as our
economy will be worse
for it, hence we oppose
the entire exercise.
“If N5000 single note
in circulation, same
would increase official
corruption, money
laundering, inflation
and further devalue
the naira, as we are a
nation that heavily
depends on
On the State Police, he
said “we reject same as
we are not ripe for
same as a nation. We,
however, concede that
in a true Federation,
component states are
allowed to own their
own police and even
prisons outfits.
“State Police is not an
antidote to the
worsening state of
insecurity nationwide
and more strongly,
many Nigerians
amongst other factors
fear that state
governors would hijack
police outfits in their
respective states the
way they have hijacked
their various state
Independent Electoral

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