Monday, 27 August 2012

Free medical services for journalists at 8th West African Health confab

MEDIA practitioners at
tending the 8th West
African Health
Conference and
Exhibition, WAH
Nigeria 2012, are to
benefit from
comprehensive medical
checks, while the event
The event organisers
say there would also
be take-home
sphygnomethers and
other medical devices
designed for home use.
Journalists would be
checked for common
medical conditions of
public health concern.
In a statement,
Coordinator, WAH
2012, Mr. Solomon
Sobade, said the
journalists would be
screened for
cardiovascular diseases,
kidney and liver
function, HIV, malaria,
among others.
“Journalists in Nigeria
have become
endangered specie of
professionals because
they are exposed to
various degrees of risks
that compromise their
total well-being,”
Sobade said.
He said the media
plays critical role in
general health and by
implication, wealth of
the country and
continent, but added
that this could only be
done effectively if the
practitioners are in
perfect state of health
“It is common
knowledge that media
practitioners in the
country and Africa as a
whole are not well
remunerated. So it is
usually a huge
challenge for them to
pool resources from
their meagre salaries
together against other
competing needs to do
medical checks. We
only see them run to
the hospitals when
they are down.”
WAH Nigeria 2012
marks a return of the
event, which is the
most outstanding of
such in West Africa, to
Nigeria as the last
edition was hosted in
A special media
training session on
medical and health
conference coverage
would also hold during
the event which holds
September 5-7, 2012
at the new Expo Centre
of Eko Hotel and
Towers, Victoria Island,

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