Monday, 6 August 2012

North ‘ll cause another Civil War – Asari

Former President of
Ijaw Youth Congress, IYC, and
leader of Niger Delta Peoples
Volunteer Force, NDPVF,
Alhaji Dokubo Asari, has said
that those scheming to
remove President Goodluck
Jonathan from office were
fanning the embers of war in
He also accused Northern
leaders of creating the
atmosphere of insecurity in
the country.
Asari, who addressed
newsmen in Abuja,
yesterday, recalled that the
Isa Kaita, who he said
represented a collection of
Northern oligarchy, had prior
to 2011 general elections,
declared that they will make
Nigeria ungovernable for
Jonathan should he
eventually emerged as
President, pointing out that
incessant bombings and
killings credited to the North-
based Boko Haram was the
manifestation of the threat
by Kaita.
Asari also said the North will
be the greatest losers should
the war begin. He said: “On
Boko Haram, the North will
lose. We are just waiting;
they will push us to an extent
where we will tell Goodluck
Jonathan that he is on his
own. But what will happen
will be one that will be
unimaginable in the history
of the world.
“We will cut them (the
Northerners) off from the
world. We are capable of
doing that. There will be no
food and they will pay dearly
for their actions. This war
will be no joke. There will be
no army to prosecute the
war for them. When the war
starts, other ethnic groups
like the Yoruba will tell the
North ‘you are on your own.’
“We are saying that nothing
must happen to Jonathan
because if anything happens
to him, the world will know.
The arrogance of Boko
Haram is un-Islamic. The type
of bomb they are using is
small. If we begin to throw
bombs, nobody will stay in
“We don’t manufacture
bomb but we will buy them
and dynamites. I started
armed struggle in the Niger
Delta. It is because of
Goodluck Jonathan that we
kept quiet.
“But soon, we will not be
able to guarantee our
patience any more. If Ijaw
people should retaliate, every
household in the North will
cry. It is the North that needs
peace more than us.
Everybody must impress it on
them that they should
sheathe their swords and
drop their arrogance.”
Asari said it was an insult on
President Jonathan for him
to be asked by Boko Haram
to convert to Islam or resign
his position. He warned that
the Ijaw nation will retaliate
should anything happen to
He urged President Jonathan
to urgently convene a
Sovereign National
Conference, SNC, which he
said was long overdue, to
determine the future of
Nigeria amidst the ethnic

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