Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Celebrity tweets

Yvonne Nelson
What a funny
industry……I always sit
back and smile.
Halima Abubakar
Lol ‘ My fellow virgins
please don’t be fooled
w1th words! keep that
for the right guy, is
this a line from a
Nana Aba Anamoah
Interesting how
mothers and wives
become witches only
when things are
bad….dude examine
your life! Illiteracy is a
disease. This is 2012!
Patience Ozokwor
If anyone had
suggested twitter 15
years ago, they may
get a beating, now you
get a beating for not
being on twitter.
Djinee (Singer)
He who thinks big of
himself should visit the
cemetery, then he
would understand that
this earth is a handful
of dirt – BB status
Kate Henshaw (Actress)
Some things bring back
childhood memories.
Just had ewa agoyin
and agege bread! Oh
the joys of growing up
in Mushin! Sweeet!!!
Nadia Buari(Actress)
Ladies, no one can
control how you feel
about *U*. Be proud no
matter what size or
shape you
are .Everyone is
beautiful, don’t let
anyone tell you
Ruggedman (Rapper)
Your passion has to be
more powerful than
the opposition of those
around you. You must
be cleared about what
you are going to do
and persevere in doing
Majek Fahsek
It’s always those who
claim they are fanatics
for religion that are the
real Pharisees. True
worship is from the
heart not just on the
Adaora Ukoh (Actress)
Never forget 3 people
in your life- Those who
held you in difficult
times, Those who left
you in difficult times
and Those who put
you in difficult times

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