Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Microsoft releases windows server 2012 to power cloud OS

In a global online
launch event
yesterday, the
president of Microsoft
Server and Tools
Business, Satya Nadella
has announced the
general availability of
Windows Server 2012
built from the cloud up
for the modern
In his keynote speech,
Nadella described how
Windows Server 2012
is a cornerstone of the
Cloud Operating
System (OS) that
provides customers
with a modern
platform for the
world’s applications.
“The operating system
has always been the
heartbeat of IT and is
now undergoing a
renaissance in the new
world of continuous
cloud services,
connected devices and
big data,” Nadella said,
addig that, “Microsoft’s
unique legacy in the
most widely used
operating systems,
applications and cloud
services positions us to
deliver the Cloud OS,
based on Windows
Server and Windows
Azure, helping
customers achieve a
datacenter without
Enabling the modern
Microsoft built
Windows Server 2012
from the cloud up,
applying its experience
operating global
datacenters that rely
on hundreds of
thousands of servers to
deliver more than 200
cloud services.
The software, Microsoft
explained expands the
definition of a server
operating system and
adds significant new
advancements in
virtualization, storage,
networking and
Hundreds of new
features, according to
him, can help
customers achieve a
transformational leap
in the speed, scale and
power of their
datacenters and
In combination with
Windows Azure and
System Center,
Windows Server 2012,
he added empowers
customers to manage
and deliver
applications and
services across private,
hosted and public
Customers find success
with windows server
He further explained
that customers can use
their existing skills and
investments in systems
database, identity and
virtualization to take
advantage of Windows
Server 2012 and realize
the promise of cloud
computing. Many
enterprise customers
are already seeing
tremendous value in
early deployments.
“A survey of 70 early
adopter customers
from across the globe
revealed that they
expect, on average, 52
percent reduction in
downtime, 41 percent
reduction in workload
deployment time, and
15 hours of
productivity time
saved per year, per
employee. 91 percent
of the companies
surveyed expect a
reduction in server
administration labor,
and 88 percent expect
reduction in network
administration labor”
he said.
Already, the Nigerian
Airspace Management
Agency (NAMA), the
government’s safety
authority for
commercial flight
operations, chooses
Windows Server 2012
to utilize the existing
IT infrastructure within
the agency. as well as
create a fully scalable
and high density cloud
“Deploying Windows
Server 2012 has
enabled us to do more
with less, thereby
reducing cost and
enhancing considerably
the ICT ROI for my
organization and
bringing efficiency in
the use of technology
to value-centric
proportions,” said Mr.
Ogochukwu I.F., CIO of
Menzies Aviation, an
airline passenger and
cargo handling
company that employs
more than 17,000
people, is using
Windows Server 2012
to provide identity
access management
and information access
policies to its
employees as it rapidly
incorporates newly
acquired businesses.
“We are very
impressed by Windows
Server 2012 and
Microsoft’s overall
solution to help us
manage our systems
and applications across
our private cloud
environments as they
scale with our
business,” Martin
Gallington, senior vice
president of IT at
Menzies Aviation, said,
adding that , “This is a
dramatic leap forward,
matched by a simple,
cost-effective pricing
Equifax is a global
information solutions
provider that organizes
and assimilates data on
more than 500 million
consumers and 81
million businesses
worldwide. It now
counts on Windows
Server 2012 for
improved reliability
and uptime of its
information services to
“Windows Server 2012
revolutionizes how we
can operate our
datacenter, allowing us
to better meet our
commitments,” Bryan
Garcia, chief technology
officer at Equifax, also
said, adding that, “The
new high availably
technologies help us
deliver ‘always-on’
applications, and we’re
betting on Hyper-V as a
critical component of
our private cloud
strategy. We are
gaining tremendous
efficiencies, which
translate into more
time to innovate for
company growth.”

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