Friday, 14 September 2012

Shocker: 32-yr old father murders son

It was shock and
disbelief at the Lugbe
Police Divisional
headquarters, Abuja
during the week when
a 32 years old father
was arrested and
detained for allegedly
killing his two-week
old baby boy.
Police sources told
Vanguard that the 32
years old tailor, Aminu
Zubairu, allegedly
killed his son violently
during a quarrel with
his wife to prove that
he was the man of the
The source alleged that
on the day of quarrel,
Aminu, living in
Tundunwada area of
Lugbe, along Airport
Road, Abuja, suddenly
snatched the two week
old baby from his wife,
out of annoyance that
she was arguing with
him and smashed his
(baby’s) head on the
floor of the house.
The source said it was
the cry and alarm
raised by the wife that
attracted neighbours
who rushed to the
scene only to see the
baby in the pool of his
blood already dead.
The neighbors
consequently invited
the police who
arrested Aminu and
detained him in their
Confronted over the
incident, the source
said the suspect while
in detention, explained
that he did not know
what pushed him to
smash the baby’s head
on the floor, adding
that it was the work of
the devil.
Attributing the action
to village trouble,
Aminu said that his
family has been
wishing him dead, and
he does not know
what is happening to
On where he hails
from, the suspect said
that he hails from
Okenne in Kogi State
and that for the past
10 years they have
been pursuing him.
“Please help me, I don’t
know what is
happening to me”, he

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