Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Woman keeps baby in freezer for 10yrs

prosecutors said
Tuesday they had
opened a
investigation against a
49-year-old woman
after the corpse of a
new-born baby girl
was found in her
freezer after 10 years.
The grisly find was
made by her former
husband on Friday
when he defrosted the
freezer in the house
where they used to
live, said prosecutors in
the northern city of
It was not clear
whether the baby was
alive or dead when
placed in the freezer,
investigators said.
There were no signs
she had been violently
treated but authorities
confirmed the baby
was not stillborn.
The woman, who has
not been named, has
admitted the baby was
hers and said she was
“in a state of complete
exhaustion and
hopelessness” at the
The couple already had
three, now fully grown,
children and divorced
in 2009, prosecutors
The woman was
released pending
further investigations.

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