Tuesday, 11 September 2012

We won’t forgive Keshi if … NFF

THE Nigeria Football
Federation, NFF, stated
yesterday that they
would not forgive
Super Eagles coach,
Stephen Keshi if the
nation does not qualify
for the African Cup of
to be held in South
Africa next year.
The Federation is still
being haunted by the
Eagles non
qualification of the last
edition held in Gabon
and Equatorial Guinea
under coach Samson
Reviewing the Eagles
2-2 draw with the
Lone Star of Liberia
weekend in Monrovia
goalkeeper Vincent
Enyeamah’s howler
allowed the Liberians
to equalise in a match
the Eagles deserved to
win, Chairman of NFF
Media Committee, High
Chief Emeka Inyamah
said that Keshi remains
totally in control of the
‘’Keshi has the powers
not to invite any player
who will not help the
course of the team. He
is in charge. The
technical committee
will review the match
but their job remains
We have absolute
confidence in him and
he knows that his
contract is tied to
qualifying Nigeria to
South Africa and Brazil
for the Nations Cup and
the World Cup
Inyamah said.
Considering the
exclusion of Chelsea’s
Mikel Obi in Eagles in
the recent, Inyamah
dismissed with a wave
of the hand
suggestions that Keshi
did not want him in
‘’There is no iota of
truth in that. Keshi has
nothing personal
against Mikel. They
were in contact before
the match in Monrovia.
Mikel was excused
because the game was
to be played on
artificial turf but when
they moved over to
grass, it was late to
invite him.
There is no reason for
Keshi to leave out Mikel
or any other good
They are Nigerians. But
what we cannot
condone is indiscipline.
The coach knows
better and we are
pleased with his
performance so far ’’,
Inyamah said.
On the Liberian match,
Inyama said that the
draw has put Nigeria in
good stead to
qualify for the Nations
“There is no cause for
alarm. It is a match
that the Eagles should
have won. We are not
satisfied with the result
but we are not
disappointed. All I
know is that Nigeria
will be in South Africa
no matter what it
that President
Goodluck Jonathan
came to cheer the
team and watch them
in training. He
made calls, too. That is
a sign of uncommon
leadership and his
motivation is
NFF will blame itself if
Nigeria does not
But we are not
contemplating that.
No, no, no. Not again!’’,
Inyamah said.

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