Monday, 3 September 2012

Ritualists kidnap girl; remove tongue, breasts, clitoris

Ritualists may have
taken over Ogere, Ogun
State, on Lagos-
Sagamu expressway as
a female victim on her
way to Lagos from Port
Harcourt was
kidnapped and taken
away at gun point for
Her fresh corpse was
later found close to the
point where she was
kidnapped two weeks
later, with vital organs
of her body, including
tongue, breasts and
clitoris missing and
Vanguard gathered
that this is the second
of such incident
occurring in the area in
three weeks
The victim, Miss Tonia
Ibelefa, 25, was
travelling in company
of two male relations
in a private car when
the incident occurred.
Eyewitness told
Vanguard that the
armed ritualists
blocked the
expressway, dragged
the University of Port
Harcourt graduate out
of the car and took her
into the bush, adding
that the two male
family members with
the girl surrendered
her at gun point.
“She is the one we
want and you must
surrender her,” the
ritualists told the two
men, according to the
The witness said the
matter was
immediately reported
to the police in the
area who launched a
manhunt for the
criminals to no avail.
Messages were also
said to have been sent
to the girl’s family in
Port Harcourt who also
reported the case to
the police who
immediately declared a
case of missing person.
Thinking that it was a
case of kidnap, the
family waited to hear
from the abductors but
got no information
about her whereabout.
However, the ritualists
last Thursday called the
parents through the
number obtained from
their victim’s phone,
advising them to pick
up the corpse of their
daughter at a junction
very close to where the
incident happened.
Elder sister of the
deceased confirmed
that that family had
since recovered the
corpse, which still
looked very fresh at
the time of recovery,
giving an indication
that she was not killed
immediately she was

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