Saturday, 15 September 2012

How woman delivered monster in church

Like people always say,
“wonders shall never
end”. Benin City
residents were
shocked on Tuesday
when a pregnant
woman, currently at
large, was delivered
of a creature that
resembled a horse
during a prayer session
at the World Libration
Ministry, Benin City.
The drama was said to
have started when the
General Overseer of the
church, Evangelist Silva
Iyamu, commenced the
prayer session, called,
‘Miracle hour’. Sunday
Vanguard found that
people from
neighouring states
throng the church in
search of miracles, as a
result of which there
were hundreds of
people during the
programme. The pastor
reportedly prophesied
that they had a
pregnant woman in
the hall but that what
was in her belly was
not the baby she
According to the
personal assistant to
the pastor, Prince John
Ogbovoh, who claimed
to have witnessed the
prayer session and the
subsequent delivery of
the woman, “It was a
miraculous thing. She
was not the only one
that was delivered in
the church. The pastor
did it for a lot of
people but this one
was spectacular.
The woman, we were
told, had been in her
matrimonial home for
11 years without a
baby and the pastor
said there was ‘a
woman here for 11
years, no child,’ that
the person always got
pregnant but
whenever she went
for test, it will show
and at another time it
will not show again”.
Ogbovoh continued:
“So the woman came
out and the pastor said
‘let us put you in an all
night on Friday, but the
woman pleaded with
the congregation to go
on with the prayers
since she may not be
able to wait. So the
pastor now agreed.
The pastor called her
and asked the men to
give little space and
the pastor insisted that
something inside the
woman was not a
human being, he said it
was a funny creature.
When the creature
came out, it did not
look like a human
being but it looked like
an animal”. Asked
about the whereabouts
of the woman and her
name, the pastor’s aide
explained:”We don’t
even know her or
whether she came with
any member of her
family. Nobody knows
where she came from.
We don’t always take
records of people who
came from outside
Benin City but we
know our members.
We were expecting the
woman to come back
here today
(Wednesday). People
always come here to
receive miracles and
after that many of
them come back to
thank God for
delivering them”.
He narrated further:
“When it happened,
they asked her to go
and wash up, the lady
pastor assisted her. I
remember she fell
down and was
unconscious and,
sometimes, the pastor
will ask members to
leave the hall to allow
for ventilation. So after
she delivered the
creature, there was
pandemonium in the
church. We did not
even know when the
woman left. In fact, the
pastor was asking me
where the woman
was?, so we searched
for her but we could
not find her. I am sure
the woman was
ashamed, but God has
done a miracle in her
life and she is not
supposed to be
on Tuesday
However, I believe she
will come back because
God has removed the
burden that has
stopped her from
getting pregnant for
years. The dead
creature was left for a
while for people to
see. This morning, the
people now ordered
that they should throw
the creature away
because it is now
becoming an
embarassment for us
in the church”. The
nurse who delivered
the woman of the
creature, Mrs Veronica
Igiebor, corroborated
the PA’s story.
“I was there; it’s not a
story, yesterday, it
seemed like a miracle”,
she said. “The pastor
poured anointing oil
and a sachet of water
on the woman and
asked everybody to
pray, he said, labour is
going to start now. So
the woman was
swinging her body and
finally she held
somebody’s leg. She
pressed and she
pushed harder and
something dropped
and she fell. Behold my
brother, I have never
seen that kind of thing
in my life before.
People were calling it
goat. But it looked like
a horse. The object had
a long neck, the ears
were long. It was
exactly like a horse,
although it was in a
baby form.
But the pastor said
nobody should touch it
because it was
demonic. Everybody
ran away; I don’t know
when the woman
vanished.The story I
heard about that
woman is that the
husband’s mother
wanted him to marry
another woman. It
was said that this
particular woman now
trained the husband in
the university. It was
said the lady sold
vegetable to get
money to train the
man. But when the
man wanted to get
married to her, the
mother disagreed,
rather brought another
woman for him to
marry. But the woman
as expected refused to
leave because she has
laboured and obviously
some body may have
said okay since she
refused to leave the
man she will suffer. I
guess that was wh

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