Thursday, 13 September 2012

Police did not beat LASAMBUS driver to death – Lagos PPRO

LAgos police command
exonerated its men
over the death of a
56-year-old driver of
the Lagos State
Ambulance Services,
LASAMBUS, who was
allegedly died on
Tuesday evening, when
he was stopped by
some policemen
attached to Surulere
division for violating
the new traffic law.
While some LASAMBUS
staff accused the
policemen of hitting
the deceased, Jimoh
Fasasi ,with the butt of
their guns during a
scuffle that ensued
between them and the
deceased, the Lagos
State Police Command
described the claim as
untrue, asserting that
the deceased slumped
and died moments
later in the hospital.
The late Fasasi was
reportedly riding home
on his motorbike on
the fateful evening.
However, on reaching
Stadium Bridge around
Barracks at about
7p.m., a team of
policemen who were
enforcing the new
traffic law reportedly
confiscated his
motorcycle for plying
the bridge, as action
that is unlawful.
A LASAMBUS staff who
pleaded anonymity
told Vanguard that the
deceased contacted his
office informing one
Lateef, of the
According to the
source; “Fasasi told
Lateef that a policeman
was beating him at
Surulere, urging him to
rush down. We were
later told that as the
policeman continued
hitting him with the
butt of his gun, he
slumped in the process
and started foaming in
the mouth”
But when
for the Lagos State
Police Command, Ngozi
Braid, a Deputy
Superintendent of
Police, stated
emphatically that the
policemen did not have
a hand in Fasasi’s
“Rather, investigation
conducted around the
scene,” according to
her, “revealed that
after making calls on
his phone, the
deceased moved close
to a petty trader who
was selling soft drinks.
“When he got there, he
started panting while
the trader was staring
at him. But after some
time, he fell down and
started shaking and
foaming from the
mouth. He was
immediately rushed to
the Island General
Hospital, where the
Divisional Police Officer
was called at night to
say he had died.”

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