Friday, 14 September 2012

Eedris Abdulkareem releases Obasanjo- inspired track

Following the brawl
which recently took
place between ex-
President Olusegun
Obansanjo and
foremost rapper, Eedris
Abdulkareem, the
rapper has fulfilled his
promise to fans by
releasing a new track
titled Baba.
Baba, according to
Idris, was inspired by
the war of words
between Obasanjo and
himself , when the ex-
president made a
reference to Idris’s Jaja
In this new single, the
LaKreem/Kennis artiste
sums up his opinion on
the current state of the
It would be recalled
that following ex-
President Obasanjo’s
statement during a
forum organized by
Nigeria Leadership
Initiative (NLI) on
Tuesday, August 28,
2012, where he said
that Abdulkareem’s
2004 hit track, Jaga
jaga, produced by
Kennis Music, doesn’t
portray Nigeria in a
good light, Idris hit
Twitter, where he
made a reply.
He called OBJ his ‘joy
therapy’, also stating
that Obasanjo can’t do
without him.
“It’s obvious that
Obasanjo can’t do
without me. I’m his joy
therapy. Mr ex-
president, Nigeria still
dey jagajaga. In fact
worst pass jagajaga”,
He also went ahead to
call Obasanjo a Boko
Haram member and
challenged him to let
Goodluck rule in peace.
“President Obasanjo if
you truly love
Goodluck as you
claimed, why don’t you
talk to your fellow
Boko Haram members
to let Goodluck rule in
As if not enough, Eedris
still went ahead,
referring to OBJ as a
mugu: “Mr ex-
president, I heard you
were talking about me
in your last interview,
hahahahahhahah. It’s
obvious you can’t do
without me. You are
my mugu…”.
Following the brawl,
Eedris says he is
inspired and will be
recording a new song
titled ‘Obasanjo na my
“Watch out for my new
single, Obasanjo na my
friend…Obasanjo, thank
you for making me a
star. In fact, talk more
about me. I’m
inspired!!”, he tweeted.

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